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Cameron Evans secures best individual result

The Cadet & Junior World Championships 2019 in Toruń, Poland took place 6 – 14 April.  Here is a round up of all the action including updates on British results.

Day 1

Junior Women’s Sabre Individual

There were four British entries in the field of 116 at the first event of the Championships.  Caitlin Maxwell (V6D0), Sophia Potter (V3D3) and Maia Fashokun V2D4 qualified for the direct elimination but Catriona Thomson (V1D5) did not.

Maxwell earned a bye through the round of 128 but Potter beat Triantafylli (GRE) 15-12 but Fashokun lost 15-5 to Wakita (JPN).  Both Maxwell and Potter went out in the next round losing 15-14 to Tan (SGP) and 15-12 to Shorokhova (UKR), respectively.

Alina Mikhailova (RUS) won the title, beating Natalia Notello (MEX) in the final as Yoana Ilieva (BUL) and Bernadetta Taricco (ITA) shared the bronze medal position.

GBR results: Maxwell 33rd, Potter 57th, Fashokun 82nd & Thomason 102nd.

Full results here.

Junior Men’s Sabre Individual

Four British entries also took part in this event in a field of 146 entries.  Julian Richards II (V5D1), Jamie Craze (V4D2), James Edwards (V4D2) and Barnaby Halliwell (V2D4) all qualified for the elimination stages.

In the round of 128, Craze defeated Chen (TPE) 15-9 and Edwards beat Bouwman (NED) by the same score but Richards II lost 15-14 to Schaafsma (NED and Geraud 9FRA) beat Halliwell 15-11.  Both Craze and Edwards went through the next phase, beating Sugimoto (JPN) 15-9 and Humwne (UKR) 15-13, respectively. The 32 saw the end of both British fencers as Craze fell 15-8 to De Ridder (BEL) and Edwards lost 15-13 to Fioretto (ITA).

Lorenzo Roma (ITA) won the title, beating George Dragomir (ROU) as the bronze nedals went to Mitchell Saron (USA) & Giacomo Mignuzzi (ITA).

GB results:  Craze 25th, Edwards 27th, Richards II 65th & Halliwell 90th.

Full results here.

Day 2

Cadet Women’s Sabre Individual

No British athletes featured in the field of 81 in this event which was won by Luca Szucs (HUN) who beat Chloe Gouhin (USA) in the final. The bronze medals went to Honor Johnson (USA) & Benedetta Fusetti (ITA).

Full results here.

Cadet Men’s Sabre Individual

The field of 108 in this event included two from Great Britain.  Darcy Holdsworth (V3D2)

and Rory McLellan (V2D4) both went through the first round.  Holdsworth benefitted from a bye through the round of 128 but McLellan lost 15-9 to Nasanov (RUS).  The 64 saw the end of British involvement as Ciftci (TUR) beat Holdsworth 15-9.

Vasyl Humen (UKR) took the title beating Giorgio Marciano (ITA) in the final as Donghwan Park (USA) & Lee Dohun (KOR) collected the bronze medals.

GB results:  Holdsworth 49th & McLellan 77th.

Full results here.

Day 3

Junior Women’s Team Sabre

Twenty-five teams took part in this event including Great Britian (Fashokun, Maxwell, Potter & Thomson).  Seeded nineteenth, they lost 45-35 to fifteenth seeds, Mexico in the round of 32, finishing 20th.

Top seeds Russia lost to Hungary in the quarterfinals and the Hungarians went on to beat Germany 45-43 for the gold medal.  Italy beat the USA 45-34 in the bronze medal play-off.

Full results here.

Junior Men’s Team Sabre

Great Britain (Craze, Edwards, Halliwell and Richards II) were seeded sixth in a field of 31 teams in this event.  In the 32 they beat Brazil 45-36 before going on to beat Canada 45-44.  In the quarterfinals they lost 45-28 to third seeds, the USA.  In the placings matches they beat Romania 45-39 before losing 45-33 to Spain.

The event went with seeding as top seeds Italy took the title 45-39 against Russia in the gold medal match.  Third seeds, the USA beat fourth seeds France 45-40 for the bronze.

Full results here.

Day 4

Junior Women’s Foil Individual

There were 143 entries into this event including four from Great Britain.  Bronwen Granville, Mhairi McLaughlin and Teagan Williams-Stewart all secured four victories from six fights as Sevil Babaeva won three of her six matches.

In the round of 128 Babaeva knocked out teammate Granville 15-10 as Williams-Stewart also progressed with a 15-8 victory against Dimas (POR) but McLaughlin went out 15-10 against Solodkiha (LAT).

The Championship title went to Lauren Scruggs (USA) who beat Martina Faveretto (ITA) in the gold medal match.  The bronze medal position was shared by Yuka Ueno (JPN) & Park Jihee (KOR).

GBR results: Williams-Stewart 39th=, Babaeva 59th=, McLaughlin 71st & Granville 72nd.

Full results here.

Junior Men’s Foil Individual

Four British fencers were part of the field of 174 in this event.  William Lonsdale (V4D2), Dominic De Almeida (V3D3), Connor Head (V3D3) and Sebastian Pallier (V3D3) all qualified for the elimination stage.

In the round of 64 De Almieda beat Lechner (AUT) 15-7 and Head won 15-13 against Colon Lopez but Bialiayeu (BLR) defeated Lonsdale 15-13 and Bibard beat Pallier 15-14.  Both De Almeida and Head went out in the round of 32, beaten 15-11 by Roger (FRA) and 15-13 by Ng (HKG), respectively.

Kirill Borodachev (RUS) beat teammate Vladislav Mylnikov in the gold medal match as Mohamed Hamza (EGY) and Rui Fujikura (JPN) had to settle for the bronze medals.

GBR results: Head 31st, De Almeida 32nd, Lonsdale 74th & Pallier 92nd.

Full results here.

Day 5

Cadet Women’s Foil Individual

Teagan Williams-Stewart was Great Britian’s only athlete in the field of 110 and she won five of her six first round fights, earning a bye through the round of 128.  She went on to win 15-3 against Kalocsai (HUN) but then lost 14-10 to Catantan (PHI) in the round of 32 to finish 23rd.

Lauren Scruggs (USA) claimed her second gold medal of the Championships beating Hong Sein (KOR) in the final as Margherita Lorenzi (ITA) & Valeriya Rassolova (RUS) shared bronze.

Full results here.

Cadet Men’s Foil Individual

Three British fencers lined up in a field of 121.  Cameron Evans (V4D1), Rafael Rhys-Pollitt (V2D3) and Davis Williams (V1D4) all progressed through the first round.

In the round of 128 Evans had a bye and Rhys Pollitt beat Espinoza (PER) 15-7 but Emmer (USA) beat Williams 15-11.  Evans went on to beat Tkach (UKR) 15-10 but Rhys Pollitt lost 15-11 to Di Veroli.  Evans then went on to beat Liao (USA) 15-14 and Zhang (CHN) 15-11 but then lost 15-8 to Xu (CHN) to finish 6th.

Egor Barannikov (RUS) won the title, beating Paul De Belval (FRA) in the final to win gold as Giuseppe Franzoni (ITA) & Xu Jie (CHN) shared the bronze medals.

GB results: Evans 6th, Rhys Pollitt 62nd & Williams 90th.

Read a more detailed report on Evans’ quarterfinal result here.

Full results here.

Day 6

Junior Women’s Team Foil

Twenty-eight teams competed in this event and Great Britain (Babaeva, Granville, McLaughlin & Williams-Stewart), seeded tenth, beat Chinese Taipei 45-33 in the round of 32.  A tough draw saw them face seventh seeds, Japan in the next round and they lost 45-24.  In the placings matches they beat the Czech Republic 45-43 and Poland 45-25 before losing 45-12 to China to finish twelfth.

Japan went on to knock out number two seeds, the USA in the quarterfinals on their way to the silver medal.  Russia beat them in the final to take gold.  Korea took the bronze medal, having knocked out number one seeds Italy on route.  They beat France in the play-off.

Full results here.

Junior Men’s Team Foil

Great Britain (De Almeida, Head, Jolley & Pallier) were seeded sixth in a field of 33.  A bye through the round of 64 was followed up with victories over Brazil, 45-25 and the Netherlands 45-29.  Their quarterfinal opponents were the number three seeds, Italy and they lost 45-32.  In the placings matches, they lost 45-36 to Poland before beat Singapore 45-33 for seventh place.

Top seeds, Russia won the tournament beating France 45-36 in the finals and Italy secured bronze with a 45-40 victory over the USA.

Full results here.

Day 7

Junior Women’s Epee Individual

There were four British fencers in this event in a field of 156.  Alexandra Powell (V4D2), Avery Louis (V3D3) and Laura Sheffield (V3D3) qualified for the elimination stages but Maia Henderson-Roe (V2D4) did not.

In the round of 128 Powell beat Talen (EST) 15-14 but Sheffield and Louis went out losing 13-12 to Narita (JPN) and 15-10 t0 Viveros (PAR), respectively.  Powell went on to beat Harada (JPN) 15-12 before losing 15-6 to Hsieh (HKG) in the round of 32.

Federica Isola (ITA) won the event, beating teammate Gaia Traditi in the final as Kim Sieun (KOR) & Greta Candreva (USA) claimed the bronze medals.

GB results:  Powell 28th, Sheffield 83rd, Louis 87th & Henderson-Roe 112th.

Full results here.

Junior Men’s Epee Individual

A massive entry of 192 included four British fencers in this competition.  Benjamin Andrews and William East both recorded four victories from six first round matches to progress to the elimination stages, with byes through the incomplete round of 256.  Dylan Morrison and Antoine Belot did not go through winning just two of their six poule matches.

In the round of 128, Jiang (CHN) beat East 15-12 and Andrews fells 15-11 to Bongard (GER).

Arthur Philippe (FRA) took the last Junior individual title, beating Davide Di Veroli (ITA) in the final.  Gianpaolo Buzzacchino (ITA) & Ruslan Hasanov (AZE) secured the bronze medals.

GB results:  Andrews 86rd=, East 93rd=, Morrison 143rd= & Belot 145th.

Full results here.

Day 8

Cadet Women’s Epee Individual

The last day of individual events saw 118 competitors including three from Great Britain contest for the medals in this event.  Maisie McCormack (V4D2), Eva Reston (V3D3) and Rachael Lever (V2D4) all came through the first round.  In the round of 128 Lever beat Komissarova (EST) 15-13 and Reston defeated Fu (TPE) 15-7 but McCormack fell 15-12 to Mihejva (LAT).  The two remaining British fencers lost in the next round, Lever going out 15-11 to Saito and Janelli (POL) beating Reston 15-9.

Eszter Muhari (HUN) took the final ladies title, beating Gaia Caforio (ITA) in the final as Zofia Janelli (POL) and Lili Buki (HUN) settled for the bronze medals.

GB results: Reston 51st=, Lever 64th & McCormack 66th.

Full results here.

Cadet Men’s Epee Individual

There were 143 entries in the final individual event of the Championships which included three from Great Britain.  Jacob Foulsham (V4D2), Isaac McKerr (V3D3) and Harry Baston-Hall (V2D4) all qualified for the direct elimination stages.

In the round of 128 Baston-Hall beat Sobaleu (BLR) 15-11 and McKerr defeated Ribeiro (POR) 15-14 but Foulsham went out 15-14 to Assmann (NED).  In the following round Tulegenov (KAZ) knocked out Baston-Hall 15-13 and McKerr also went out, 15-4 to Berbst (USA).

Enrico Piatti (ITA) took the final individual title beating teammate Dario Remondini in the final.  The bronze medals were claimed by Kirill Gurov (RUS) and Akseli Heinamaa (FIN).

GB results:  McKerr 58th=, Baston Hall 64th & Foulsham 74th.

Full results here.

Day 9

Junior Women’s Team Epee

The last day of the event saw 31 teams competing in this event, including Great Britain (Henderson-Roe, Louis, Powell & Sheffield).  They beat Singapore 45-36 in the round of 32 before losing 45-44 to eighth seeds, Switzerland in the next round.  In the placings matches they lost 45-39 to Korea, 45-44 to Germany and 45-37 to Romania to finish sixteenth.

France won the title by beating Russia 45-43 in the final as Switzerland claimed bronze with a 45-38 victory over the USA.

Full results here.

Junior Men’s Team Epee

There were 41 teams in the final event of the competition, including Great Britain (Andrews, East, Morris and Morrison).  Ranked seventeenth, they had a bye through the round of 64 before losing 45-41 to China in the next round, placing twenty-first.

Hungary secured the final gold medal of the event by beating the USA 45-31 in the final as top seeds France had to settle for bronze by beating Russia 45-43 in the play-off match.

Full results here.

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