Cadet to Junior Carry Over – 2024

Men's Junior Foil
Rank Name Member # Club(s) Country
BARRASS, Sam 129546 Salle Holyrood
MORRIS, Jake 133189 Hereford Fencing Centre GBR
DAVIES, Bryn 136689 Battersea Foil
KNOWLES, Alexander 139266 Fighting Fit Fencing Club
DERRICK, Lam 148236 Oxford Fencing Club
TAY-RUSSELL, William 150169 Salle Boston
HEESE, Aimon 147378 Battersea Foil
WYMAN, Luke 140699 Oxford Fencing Club
TAN, Adonis 149540 Bristol Cavaliers
NICKSON, Alexander 142370 Radcliffe Sword Club
MOONEY, Nathan 129281 Harrogate Fencing Club
HORNSBY, Joshua 152186 Crawley Sword Club
WILSON, Oliver 133843 Bristol Blades Fencing Club GBR
JEN, Maximilian 147672 Dream Fencing Academy
TALBOT, Alexander 142168 Club Escrime Winchester GBR
LIN, Tomas 151183 Hereford Fencing Centre
HADLEY, Benjamin 155235 Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club
SHEEHAN, Liam 145418 Royal Grammar School High Wycombe
TURENNE-ROGERS, Jerome 133748 Cambridge Sword
DRAPER, Zac 153714 Chilwell Blades Fencing Club
Women's Junior Foil
Rank Name Member # Club(s) Country
AMORE, Victoria 127636 ZFW Fencing Club GBR
NASH, Thandile 140865 Cardiff Academy of Fencing
RUDMAN-BROMLEY, Ella-marie 132572 Sarum Swords
DEWILDE, Isabella 139261 Fencers Club London
LESLIE, Chloe 130958 Brentwood School Fencing Club
FEYINTOLA, Omolayo 151318 Crusaders Sword Club Hull
SEAGROVE, Olivia 144326 Dragon Fencing Club
SANTESE DONATI, Sofia 136017 Battersea Foil
JEN, Josephine 147673 Dream Fencing Academy
Men's Junior Epee
Rank Name Member # Club(s) Country
MOORE, Toby 136090 Sidmouth & East Devon F.C
SO, Ming Hei 147960 Luso International Fencing
FORREST, Sebastian 144323 Millfield
MORGAN, Leo 133850 Luso International Fencing
HINKLEY, Aiden 142912 Swindon Fencing Club GBR
SEATON, William 138637 Luso International Fencing
STONE, Matthew 134061 Abingdon Vale Fencing Club
MURRAY, Jack 142902 Whitgift School
FENTON, Jacob 144455 TMFC Fencing
PONIKVAR, Jon 157938 Knightsbridge Fencing Club
CAI, Ian 151169 Reading Fencing Club
BROWN, Nathan 136644 Forth Valley Fencing Club GBR
PARR, James 140089 Tonbridge School Fencing Club
ROBINS, Dylan 144210
BUCKLEY, Angus 136055 Unattached
CHILLERY, Iwan 140300 Vale Fencing Club
BOSWELL, Robbie 139343 Repton School
MCADAM, Misha 143609 The Kings School Fencing Club
COOKSON, Joseph 131607 Oundle Peterborough & Stamford Epee Club
VELONIS, Andreas 144055 Four of Clubs
THOMAS, Daniel 142896 Whitgift School
FISHER, Sergej 153701 The Kings School Fencing Club
DINEEN, Daniel 138673 Southampton Epee Club
JIN, Jaden 150005 Tonbridge School Fencing Club
LAI, Ronny 157827 The Kings School Fencing Club
SHUTTLEWORTH , Oliver 158339 Whitgift School
DEDMAN, Jonathan 145597 Brentwood School Fencing Club
Women's Junior Epee
Rank Name Member # Club(s) Country
JOHNSON, Chloe 149159 Newcastle Fencing Club
TSIMELZON, Julia 142682 Dream Fencing Academy
JORDAN, Charlotte 133023 Swindon Fencing Club GBR
HALL, Sofia 131256 Luso International Fencing
LAVIN, Annabelle 152605 The Royal Tunbridge Wells Fencing Club
COLYER, Evie 136595 Millfield
CHALMERS, Rachel 136699 Forth Valley Fencing Club GBR
RYAN, Elizabeth 139352 Reading Fencing Club
ZENG, Hermione 150801 The Kings School Fencing Club
TAYLOR, Hannah 139993 The Royal Tunbridge Wells Fencing Club
LI, Leanna 149554 Luso International Fencing
RASSKAZOVA, Kate 153726 The Kings School Fencing Club
BIAN, Abila 156069 Luso International Fencing
CHU, Chloe 152675 The Kings School Fencing Club
Men's Junior Sabre
Rank Name Member # Club(s) Country
KETTLES, Calum 134135 Salle Ossian Fencing Club GBR
FRANCART, Oakley 135251 Sarnia Sword Club GBR
DUNSTAN, William 138001 Taunton Deane Blades
MACDONALD, Brodie 142129 West Lothian Fencing Club
WALMSLEY, Samuel 132747 TMFC Fencing
MANNING, Griffin 136514 West Lothian Fencing Club GBR
HEANEY, Matthew 138358 Paul Davis Fencing Academy
CHEN, Jing Ru 146216 Shakespeares Swords
LIU, Zhixing 151645 Truro Fencing Club
CHUN, Wing Hei 149015 Whitgift School
GURPRASAD, Raphael 134946 Camden Fencing Club
STEPHENSON, Joe 142155 Camden Fencing Club
TIPPIN, Luke 142765 Tonbridge School Fencing Club
CHBIB, Oubai 150894 St Benedicts
GILBERT, Ethan 146486 Whitgift School
FOWLER, James 155197 MGS Fencing
SATHAN, J J 137882 Stort Valley Sabre Club
MCCAIG, duncan 146604 West Lothian Fencing Club
BARRY, Freddie 153029 Tonbridge School Fencing Club
Women's Junior Sabre
Rank Name Member # Club(s) Country
LEES, Verity 136283 MX Fencing Club
SEATON, Matilda 150577 MX Fencing Club GBR
MILNE, Sophia 133549 Salle Ossian Fencing Club GBR
HISLOP, Sophie 142925 Dauntsey's School
MCAULEY, Amber 136176 MX Fencing Club
PENNER, Tabitha 153323 Leon Paul Project

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