Coach Profile: Neil Bromley

Coaching Focus (Community, Development or Performance)

Qualified since

Last CPD Course With Year
Welfare Officer 2020

Coaching Rates Group Individual
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My Coaching Philosophy
I believe fencing changes young people’s lives - it is the ultimate leveller where focus and mental agility overcome physical ability. Harnessing children’s imagination, I positively demonstrate how ours is a unique and fully inclusive sport.

Learning to duel provides escapism from our digital world into an active sport that very few experience. Pupils I have taught, not inclined towards team games say it is the ideal sport to find oneself, improve physical and mental well-being which benefits them for the rest of their lives and gives a sense of fulfilment. They are attracted because they participate at their own speed and achieve their own goals.

My ethos of engagement and inclusion nurtures individuality and self-efficacy so participants feel comfortable in their own skin. Burning up to 400 calories per session, participants truly discover their inner Jedi.

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