Coach Profile: Philip Shepherd-Foster

Coaching Focus (Community, Development or Performance)

Qualified since

Last CPD Course With Year
Safeguarding and Protecting Children (2020)

Coaching Rates Group Individual
Individual Lessons at £35 an hour plus mileage Group Sessions please contact for a quote

My Coaching Philosophy
My coaching philosophy is:

1. Students should fence because they enjoy it.

2. Growth mindset is essential. Losing and “messing up” is part of the process. In my eyes you only “fail” if you do not give your best effort and you only succeed if you work harder than your opponents.

3. Better people make better fencers. Everything I do is to help my students become the best they can be - not just at fencing - but at life. I tell them that, “This path is not easy, but as long as you are getting better every day and giving your best effort you are heading in the right direction and great things will happen.”

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