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The Ratings Scheme Community Discussion Event was held on 20th March 2024.

BF thanks all members who attended the Ratings Scheme Community Discussion Event.

The session included a presentation of the UK Ratings Platform and a Q&A session. The discussion event focused on the pilot ratings scheme from three main perspectives: athletes and parents, coaches and clubs, and event organisers.

The presentation from the session can now be viewed here: Ratings Scheme Community Discussion Presentation

  • The ratings site can be found here at: ukratings.co.uk
  • You can view the number of fencers and ratings at each club: Club Ratings
    Additional analysis has been added including results by club from each competition, results by category (Cadet, Junior, Senior, etc.) and entries for upcoming events.
  • Individual athletes can see their results here: https://www.ukratings.co.uk/athletes New features have been added, including competitions entered, performance over time, finish statistics, poule statistics, DE statistics, DE scores and which events the athlete has entered.
  • Upcoming competitions, their likely NIF (used for British Fencing ranking points) and what ratings can be won at each one can be viewed here. This will give fencers a good idea of the level of competition and if it is an appropriate level for them.

Upcoming D E U Events

British Fencing D E U Ratings Championships (Foil and Epee) – 28th April 2024. ENTER NOW

FCL Foil D E U – 22nd June 2024 – ENTER NOW

More information on the ratings scheme pilot can be found here 

You can keep up to date with the BF discussion events calendar here: Community Discussion Events


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