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Competition Gender Policy Review – Survey Opens

A reminder to members age 16 and over to check their email for a survey link, plus a summary of the available opportunities to share your views as part of BF’s Competition Gender Policy Review.

We recently announced that over the coming months, British Fencing (BF) will be consulting with members and engaging with community groups and other relevant stakeholders as we go through the process of reviewing our Competition Gender Policy to ensure that it is reflective of the current research and other considerations for our sport in this area.

The purpose of this post is to update and provide further information on the main opportunities (as previously communicated) for members and non members, individuals and organisations to share their views and have their say over the next few months as input into the review:

  1. Individual Members age 16 and over – All British Fencing members age 16 and over will receive a survey in the week of the 23rd October (the first emails will go out Monday afternoon).  This survey is being run by University of Hertfordshire and BF will only received anonymised results. Within the survey there are opportunities for members to make their views known via freeform comment fields and members can also provide links to additional published research if they wish that to be brought to our attention. (If you are a member please check your communication preferences in the BF membership platform – we can only send you an email if you have given us permission. If you have given us permission and not received an email by 23rd October please check your junk email and then complete this form to request a link.)
  2. Individual Members under the age of 16 are invited to submit their views direct to us here.
  3. Affiliated clubs, Home Nations and other representative bodies in the fencing community can submit their views direct to us here.
  4. Non Members (Individuals and Organisations) – Non member individuals who do not participate in fencing activities and other unaffiliated interested organisations can submit their views direct to us here.


In addition to the above:

  1. A sample of members will be identified by researchers for deeper qualitative research/interview. To ensure anonymity, the interviews will be undertaken by independent researchers who will anonymise and share the key findings with BF.
  2. BF will also be offering the opportunity for various lobbying groups to meet with us to share their thoughts and hear the diverse views of different groups.


As a reminder:

1) During this information and views gathering process, we are not in a position to engage in debate with individuals or organisations on this topic. If we receive unsolicited emails from people we will direct them to this post where they can review the opportunities to input into the process.

2) Whilst we appreciate that this topic can be emotive we will have zero tolerance for any harassment or abuse towards any member of the BF community, including staff and volunteers.

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