04/04/2022- Safety

Competition Covid Protocols – BF Medical Committee Notice

The BF Medical Committee reminds members to continue assessing risk and implementing appropriate mitigation measures to reduce spread of COVID.

The BF Medical Committee has issued the following advice for fencing events to reduce spread of COVID.

  1. Comply with all current government and venue guidelines
  2. Pre-event LFTs no longer practical but maintain personal responsibility to minimise the risk of infecting others
  3. Participants should not attend if unwell
  4. Face coverings are still recommended in all crowded areas.  Personal protection is much improved by the use of FFP2 or 3 (KN95) level masks.
  5. Competition Organisers should avoid creating crowded areas   eg for result sheets.
  6. Competition Organisers must continue to have in place risk assessments which include consideration of COVID risks
  7. Increasing ventilation where possible is recommended


BF Medical Committee


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