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In this series of webinar session, we delve into the fascinating insights gathered through the ‘Behind the Mask’ research conducted by British Fencing and Crowd DNA in 2021.

Crowd DNA Insights Series

There are three sessions in this series. The registration link will sign you up to all three.

Tuesday, August 23rd 2pm

Wednesday, August 24th 2pm

Friday, August 26th 2pm

Venue: Online webinar series. The sessions will be recorded and registered attendees will receive the recording. Please register by clicking the blue button below.


Host: Virginia Bailey, Participation Director

Session 1: Tuesday August 23rd, 2pm

This first webinar in the series of three will provide an introduction and overview and into the Behind the Mask research conducted by British Fencing in partnership with Crowd DNA at the end of 2021. Virginia will be joined by Delilah Brierley and Dan Solkin from Crowd DNA.

Crowd DNA is a cultural insights and strategy consultancy with offices in Lonon, Amsterdam, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Stockholm. Formed in 2008, operating in 75+ markets, we bring together trends specialists, researchers, strategists, data analysts, writers, designers and film-makers, creating culturally charged commercial advantage for the worlds most exciting brands.

  • Hear from the insight specialists at Crowd DNA discuss the importance of understanding our audience and this can help improve the experience we offer
  • “Hardworking, independent and open-minded”, just some of the traits fencers use to describe themselves. This session will explore what’s behind the mask of a fencer.

Session 2: Wednesday August 24th, 2pm

This second session will look at the insight through the lens of diversity and inclusion. Ensuring fencing is open and accessible is important to us all. This session will explore what learnings we can take from Behind the Mask to apply in our clubs and community.

  • Gain an understanding of what the barriers are to fencing and discuss ways of overcoming these.
  • Look at the insight through a gendered lens, understanding what drives women in fencing and what can prevent them from stepping on the piste.
  • Gain further insight on the importance of ensuring the sport is diverse and inclusive for all.


Session 3: Friday August 26th, 2pm

This third and final session of exploring the Behind the Mask research, will answer the ‘so what does this mean for my club?’ question. We will look at practical ways you can apply the research in your club.

  • Explore ways to apply key insights from the research to support the growth of your club.


Invitation to:

The sessions will be of particular interest to people working as community and development coaches, volunteers and club admins. Also, as this series is an in depth and fascinating look into the mind of a fencer, it will be of interest to anyone who would like to know more about the insights gathered from the Crowd DNA research. If you are interested in fencing and why people get involved, would like to know how to encourage people to fence who may be reluctant, or are interested in research and insights, you are invited to join the series.


About Crowd DNA

In 2021, BF and Crowd DNA conducted the Behind the Mask research project.


About BF Learning Week

#BFLearningWeek 2022 will explore many aspects of our exciting sport, with experts in coaching, sports psychology and performance joining guest speakers and the BF team to give insight into our fencing world and its future.

The week takes place between 22nd and 29th August with a series of online events.

FAQs and a full timetable, updated regularly, can be found here.


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