EFC U23 (Berlin)

Men's Senior Epee
Place Name Member # Club(s) Country
1 EAST, William 110825 Knightsbridge Fencing Club GBR
2 RUSSELL, James Euan 111011 Crawley Sword Club GBR
3 STURGEON, William 101390 Salle Paul GBR
4 ODGERS, James 107168 Brixton Fencing Club GBR
5 DEGORCE, Aurelien 116162 The Lansdowne Fencing Club GBR
6 MAYNARD, Calum 99714 Brixton Fencing Club GBR
7 JORDAN, Owen 111171 Salle Paul GBR
8 MCKERR, Isaac 127094 Edinburgh Fencing Club GBR
9 SANCHEZ-LETHEM, Paul 95498 Brixton Fencing Club GBR
10 FERGUSON, William 123723 Salle Paul GBR
11 RUSSELL, Finn 124359 Crawley Sword Club GBR

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