The European Fencing Confederation – the EFC

The European Fencing Confederation  was founded on 26th October 1991 in Vienna, Austria.

Responsible for the promotion and development of fencing in Europe, it has 46 member countries, including British Fencing.

Key responsibilities include:

  • organising the European Championships, at senior, U23, junior and cadet levels.
  • facilitating technical collaboration between the different members,
  • coordinating and improving the teaching of fencing in Europe and to represent fencing to European authorities.
  • managing the EFC circuit – cadet (U17) and U23


To compete in an EFC event, a fencer must be entered by their National Federation and have an EFC licence. For more information about getting an EFC licence see FIE/EFC LICENCES – BRITISH FENCING.

For information about entering EFC events (and the associated selection policies) please see: GBR SELECTION POLICIES & PROCEDURES – BRITISH FENCING.

To enter non nominated (ie those which are not selected) EFC events please complete this form.



The EFC is led by an Executive Committee which includes BF President Hilary Philbin.

Largely a volunteer organisation the EFC has commissions and work groups and a number of BF members sit on these. (For more information about which BF members are involved see International Relations Group – BRITISH FENCING)


Website for European Fencing | Eurofencing


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