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Entry process and details for the 2023 British Senior Championships, ‘The Nationals’,  15-16th April 2023.

In line with the previous announcement of the 2023 British Senior Championships, ‘The Nationals’ will have entry limits imposed with priority entry for Top 50 Senior Ranked fencers and a wildcard process.


Schedule Reminder

Day 1 (Saturday 15th April 2023) – Individual Events

Day 2 (Sunday 16th April 2023) – Club Team Championships


Individual Events

  • Each weapon has an entry limit of 56.
  • Eligible Fencers within the top 50 in each Senior Ranking List will be invited through Sport80 to accept their place and pay for entry for this competition by 22nd March 2023.
  • A wildcard process will fill the remaining places, followed by open entry to all eligible fencers.


Club Team Championships 

  • This is restricted to teams from BF Affiliated clubs, with strict criteria for representing the club (no ‘scratch’ teams). Limited to 2 teams per Club in each weapon.
  • It is limited to one club member per team who is not eligible to compete for GBR.
  • The winning club qualifies for the European Cup – the EFC European Club Championships (for 2022, this took place in early October). Should the winning club not confirm participation, places will be offered to the next team in result order).


Timeline and Entry Process (inc Wildcard)

1st March 2023- 1st March Rankings published

1st March 2023 – Wildcard form opens

2nd March 2023 – Entry opens (via invitation only) for those eligible fencers within the Top 50 (Individual events) and Team Events

8th March 2023 – Wildcard form closes

15th March 2023 – Invitations to enter sent for successful wildcard applications

22nd March 2023 – Entry Closes for Individual Events (for eligible fencers within the top 50) and Team Events

24th March 2023 – Entries re-open for open entry for individual events where the limit of 56 has not been reached on a first-come-first-serve basis. Team Event entries may reopen, removing the limit of 2 teams per club if the overall entry limit has not been reached


Ranking Points and Multipliers

Please see this news post here for details on Ranking Points, as there have been updates following a review.

Points gained in last year’s British Senior Championships (held in June 2022) will be replaced by these British Senior Championships in April 2023.

The Senior Ranking multiplier will be fixed at 700.

The Junior Ranking multiplier will be fixed at 250.


2023 British Open Championships 

The British Open Championships will take place on 3-4th June 2023 at EIS Sheffield and is a new ranking event. Find out more about the event  here

The Senior Ranking multiplier will be fixed at 700.

The Junior Ranking multiplier will be fixed at 300.


Wildcard Factors

Wildcards will be considered for:

  1. Athletes returning from a major injury, pregnancy, or other significant life events have made them unable to compete and fallen out of the top 50 in the BF Senior Rankings.
  2. U23s, Juniors or Transitioning Cadets on a performance trajectory to a top 50 Senior Ranking who have been unable to compete in Senior events due to focusing on age group International circuit events.

A separate news post will follow, containing further details about the Wildcard process and a link to the form.

The ADP team will run the wildcard process in conjunction with the selectors.


If you have any questions regarding this news post, please contact us here.

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