18/08/2023- Veterans

European Veteran Fencer of the Year – Reminder

Message from Caryl Oliver, President of European Veteran Fencing about the European Veteran Fencer of the Year Award.

Off the back of an established and growing European Veterans Fencing Circuit with rolling rankings, European Veterans Fencing awards 24 Fencer of the Year medals to the top ranked Veteran in each category and each weapon.  These are presented during the European Veteran Championships in May and are becoming increasingly sought after.

Previous winners from Great Britain include:

  • Hugh Kernohan
  • Viv Frith
  • Sheila Anderson
  • Beth Davidson

While the EVF Circuit was originally introduced to encourage more veteran fencers to go to events outside their own backyard, the popularity of the events and the enthusiasm with which they have been embraced has also lifted the standard of fencing.  European fencers dominated at the 2022 World Veteran Championships, taking over 75% of the podium positions.

A number of countries are now referring to these results and the European rankings when considering domestic rankings and international selections by identifying the consistent and coming into form fencers leading up to major Championships.  Encouraged by this, EVF is sharing this with all its member countries in the interest of increasing that podium domination!

Caryl Oliver, President, European Veterans Fencing

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