04/08/2023- Veterans

World Veteran Fencing really does start at 40!

Message from Caryl Oliver, President of European Veteran Fencing, encouraging fencers who will be 40 and over in 2025 to prepare for inclusion in the World Veteran Championships.

After years of effort, the FIE has finally voted to include fencers V1 (40-49) in the Veteran World Championships!

For those of us in Europe, Veterans from 40+ has been the norm but for those wanting to represent their country at the World Championships there has been an annoying ‘gap’ decade. The first World Championships to welcome V1 fencers will be 2025 so anyone turning 40 that year is eligible for selection – start thinking about how you will prepare now.

The more significant change is with the Team Events as the FIE has also now adopted the European Veteran and Grand Veteran model which will also start in 2025. Veteran Teams are made up of V1 and V2 veterans, so age from 40-59. Grand Veteran Teams are made up of V3 and V4 veterans, so age from 60+. Matches are relay to 45 and the rules make sure all age groups are on the piste.

With two years to go, start thinking about how you might get yourself selected for these teams now!

Caryl Oliver, President, European Veterans Fencing


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