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COVID-19 BF Events Update June 2020

BF publishes more information on the postponed 2020 events and a provisional schedule for 2021

As a result of COVID-19, BF had to postpone a number of events scheduled to take place earlier in the year. Most of these are still postponed, however a date and location (5/6th December, Birmingham) has been provisionally set for the 2020 Senior Nationals, subject to confirmation in early September. You can find the latest situation on each of the postponed events below.

With regards to our 2021 events we are expecting to run these as close to our traditional schedule as possible. More information by event can be found below.

There is no change to the position on rankings published here.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide further updates as and when we are able to.

Postponed 2020 Events

  1. Senior National Championships 2020 – Provisional date and location set. We have provisionally set aside a weekend in December – the 5/6th December and have a venue provisionally on hold in Birmingham. We will review this in light of the ever changing situation and our intention is to confirm whether this event will go ahead at the beginning of September.
  2. GB Cup 2020 – Should social distancing restrictions ease there is the opportunity/space to run the GB Cup alongside the Senior Nationals. If this is not possible the event will be reviewed alongside plans for the BYCs.
  3. British Youth Championships (BYC’s) 2020 – There are no 3-day opportunities to run this event between now and the end of 2020. One option we will look at, depending on the resumption of activity in schools in September, is to run the BYC’s over multiple weekends in early 2021.
  4. Cadet and Junior Nationals 2020/21 – This will be run before Easter 2021. The date will be set once we have more information on the FIE and EFC calendar.

2021 Events

We are currently scheduling these into the usual dates:

  • British Schools Championships 2021 – 6/7th March 2021
  • British Youth Championships (BYCs) 2021 – 1/2/3rd May 2021
  • Senior National Championships April 2021 (depending on FIE schedule)
  • GB Cup – alongside the Senior Nationals (April 2021, depending on FIE schedule)
  • Cadet & Junior Nationals 2021/22 – post September 2021 (depending on EFC/FIE schedule)


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