British Fencing’s ‘Explore Fencing’ Games App

For coaches and fans!

The Explore Fencing App is a free-to-download, customisable and interactive app that introduces fencing skills through games. The first version has three free games, with plenty more to come. You don’t even need a sword to play along.

You can now access the new app on Desktop by visiting the below link


Are you a beginner, or have you fenced once or twice and want to know more?

The ‘Explore Fencing’ side of the app is for you:

  • Watch top GBR fencers introduce you to the basics and start you off with games to try at home.
  • Each game has a description, a how-to guide and a video showing you how to play.
  • There are top tips, progression ideas and fun facts to find.
  • Master the games to develop your appreciation and skill level for fencing. Our favourite game is ‘Step Lunge’, check it out below!

Are you a coach? BF’s user account access to the app is for BF’s community coaches and licensed partners that are delivering services to schools.

Example Interactive Content:


Developing the Explore Fencing app with Telescopic – a case study

Our app has gone through important changes since it was first launched in 2020. Thanks to our work with Telescopic, our app now has a smooth user experience on mobile and is better suited for the classroom, with its desktop version.

Read all about this partnership in this case study:



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