Last Updated: 03.05.2024

This page will be updated based on feedback and questions from the community. Please email all questions and comments to [email protected] with ‘U14 Open Query’ in the subject title.

What is the minimum and maximum age to enter the event?

The U14 Competition and Ranking structure will predominately aimed towards those in the ‘traditional’ two year BYCs age category which is defined here: Age Group Definitions. The U14 British Open Championships 2024 is the first event in the 24-25 season.

However, fencers may fence up under advice from their BF registered coach.

At a minimum fencers must be aged 10 on the day of the competition.

The competition will prioritise entry for those must be aged 13 or under on the 1st January 2025 (those born in 2011 onwards).

Following community feedback if there is space the competition will allow entry for those must be aged 14 or under on the 1st January 2025 (those born in 2010). On 12th June 2024 entries will open to 2010 birth years.

What about the BF Rankings?

Those fencers who compete in U14 BYCs 2024, who are born in 2010 will receive their transition bonus into U17 (Cadet) Rankings post the BYCs as they move into the U17 age group for the 2024-25 season (further information in the BF Ranking Scheme – 4.2.3)

For those fencers born in 2011 and competing at the BYCs (May 2024) , this will be the first ranking event for them in the new BF U14 Ranking Scheme, with the U14 Open the second ranking event.

For fencers born in 2012, the British U14 Open Championships is their first opportunity to enter the BF U14 Rankings.

2010 birth year fencers will NOT receive U14 or U17 ranking points for competing in this competition.

Can I enter if I am not eligible to compete for GBR?

Yes, the British U14 Open Championships is an event for all Compete licensed members of British Fencing, including those not eligible to compete for GBR and international visitors.

This is similar to the BYCs where we welcome children of all nationalities,  although for the BYCs they have to be at school or resident in the UK.

Where will other U14 ranking events be held?

The intention is to award ranking points for existing local competitions, we are in conversations with Home Nations and Event Series organisers (i.e. organisers that already run series of youth events).

If you would like your competition to be considered please email [email protected]

Will this affect entry the BYCs? Has the qualifier formula for U14s changed to allow more U14s to fence?

Yes it has. There is extra capacity in the U14 events and the desire is to provide more fencers with an opportunity to compete. The formula has been sent to the regions and updated on the BYCs web page here.

When will more information come out about U14 Competition and Ranking Structure?

All additions and changes to the Ranking Structure will be published and put out as part of the normal annual consultation process in July. In advance of that we will be releasing updates on which competitions will be eligible for ranking points in order for U14s to plan.

Do U14s have to attend every event?

Absolutely not. The intention in every ranking system (U14/U17/U20/U23/Senior) is that there is the ability to score points in a variety of competitions and fencers can choose which competitions they want to do in consideration of their IADP (if they are a GBR pathway athletes) or simply just want to fit fencing in around other logistical and financial commitments. As there is no GBR U14 selection there is currently no requirement to attend a specific Championships, although this may change if the EFC set up an U14 Championships  of some description.

Will this change the entry process for U14 EFC competitions?

There is no intended change to the BF entry process for EFC U14s. There is a direct open application process for entry and some Home Nations have additional separate ranking/selection processes to allow athletes to attend in representational squads.  If the EFC set up an U14 Championships with limited entry this may change. More information around eligibility to be entered by BF for EFC events can be found here.

What are the equipment requirements?

The rules around minimum equipment (blade sizes, mask straps) are the same as they are for all current U14 domestic competitions which can be found below (last updated 18/03/24).

Epee Foil  Sabre
Blade Size 2 or below Size 3 or below Size 2 or below
Plastron 800N or 350N Plastron 800N or 350N Plastron 800N or 350N Plastron
Mask, Jacket, Glove and Breeches 350N Mask, Jacket and Breeches 350N Mask, Jacket and Breeches

NO Lame bib or Mask wire required

350N Mask, Jacket and Breeches

800N Sabre Glove


Please note that the FIE rules m.25.7.f  regarding masks with two rear safety systems are not required for this event.

It is acceptable to wear tracksuits over breeches (800N) and socks on the day as long as the pockets of the tracksuit bottoms are sewn shut.

All equipment must meet BF Safety Guidelines. 


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