FIE Junior (Budapest)

Men's Junior Sabre
Rank Name Member # Club(s) Country
39 MARTIN, Henry 122168 Truro Fencing Club GBR
71 HIYAMA, Ryuki 134842 Shakespeares Swords GBR
75 AKINYOSOYE, Folayemi 135236 Camden Fencing Club GBR
85 LISTER, Alexander 128371 TMFC Fencing GBR
86 HORNE, Samuel 126035 Truro Fencing Club GBR
93 ALLEN, Samuel 123066 Truro Fencing Club GBR
135 GALAZKA, Dylan 121279 Cardiff Academy of Fencing GBR
189 SWINSCOW, Eiger 145639 Truro Fencing Club GBR
197 BARR, Jacob 129750 Paul Davis Fencing Academy GBR

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