The GB League is for everyone and has been designed to mirror many of the aspects already seen in inter-club competitive sparring. Clubs are encouraged to adapt their GB League fixtures to their facilities and situation. The focus for participating clubs and participants is to create a fun and inclusive environment.

The following outlines the current formats used in the GB League; both 5-Hit and 15-Hit fixtures.

  • Have fun! Remember to be sporting, supportive and encourage your fellow fencers
  • Participants need a BF Recreational membership as a minimum (Starter if in their first year of membership as an 18+ or first two years of membership if they are under 18). Also required, is a free Playwaze profile which can be set up at point of entry to the fixture.
  • All participants take part in a pool unique (round-robin) at the fixture. The more matches you play, the more points you can get
  • Participants receive one point for every match they play and an extra two points for everyone that they win. There are no additional points gained for the number of hits scored in the GB League and it’s possible to just record the winner without the score line.
  • Formats can be flexible and adapted to suit the needs of your session
  • Matches are self-refereed – although why not use the GB League as an opportunity for referee development
  • Everyone can fence everyone! There are no age or gender restrictions. Bouts between fencers of different ages can take place in line with the club’s risk assessment and following BF safety guidelines.

Future Development

  • BF will introduce opportunities for bonus points. All opportunities will be announced in advance and controlled by BF
  • GB League points will only be assigned when bouts take place at a licensed GB League fixture. Results from any other fixtures will not be added to the leaderboards
  • Results and positions from the GB League will not be used to make any GBR selection decisions
  • All participants are reminded to comply with BF Kit and Equipment requirements while taking part in the GB League

If you have a question about the format of the GB League, let us know by submitting a query here.



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