05/04/2023- GB League

GB League: Spring Mini League Begins

We are into the last three months of the current GB League season which will round off at the end of June. Join up now and be part of the National and Spring Mini Leagues.

The current GB League 2022-23 season will end at the end of June along with the Spring Mini League taking place over April, May and June.

Mini Leagues collate any points from fixtures that take place and will be added up to give us Mini League Winners in each category as well as going towards the current season’s national leaderboards. This means you still have a chance to join in even if you decide to start your GB league journey now.

Clubs – Get Involved

Registering a GB League Fixture is easy, all you need to do is tell us when you would like to run your fixture, what format you are doing (5 Hit or 15 Hit) and which weapon. From there, BF will create the fixture and provide you with an entry link so participants can sign up easily.

The fixtures are run through the Playwaze platform in the GB League community, clubs don’t need to do anything on their own Playwaze club profiles, as explained below, BF takes care of everything and there is no cost to clubs or participants.

Running a Fixture:

  1. Check everyone has a BF Recreational level membership and a free Playwaze profile (profiles are created at the moment of sign up to the fixture).
  2. The simplest way to run a fixture is to print out/draw/put on a whiteboard a blank poule unique (BF have assets you can use or design your own). Have participants record their scores (clearly!) and send a screenshot or photo to BF and they can upload the results for you. A designated GB League Leader can also do this themselves – just get BF to update your access level on Playwaze.
  3. Watch the points build up!

There is a lot of flexibility within running a fixture, it has been designed as such to work with your regular club sessions. BF are always on hand to help with technical questions or provide support.

To register a fixture fill out the form here

If you have any further questions use our query form here

If you would like to chat through how best the GB League can be used at your club then feel free to book some time in directly with Hannah, just email some suitable dates/times to [email protected].


Fencers can set up their own profile and enter the GB League Fixture via the Playwaze website or app and enter their own scores. You can also keep up to date on your leaderboard position in the GB League community.


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