19/12/2019- Selection

GBR European Cadet Championships, Porec 2020


BF is delighted to announce the Cadet Squad for the upcoming Cadet European Championships which will be held in Porec, Croatia from 21st to 26th February 2020.

Congratulations to all the athletes and their coaches.

Mens Epee
Edward Scott-Payne  Q – Accepted
Alec Brooke    Q – Accepted
Joseph Walmsley  Q – Accepted
Louis Taiwo-Williams   Q – Accepted
NTR:  Jem Green Q

Womens Epee
Isabella Summers   Q – Accepted
Patrycia Krzyzaniak   Q – Accepted
Keira Papadopoulos   Q – Accepted
Julia Caron Q – Accepted
NTR Abagael Black Q

Mens Sabre
Rory McLellan Q – Accepted
Sam Allen Q – Accepted
Ian Ho Q – Accepted
Maximillian Cromie Q – Accepted
NTR: Darcy Holdsworth Q

Womens Sabre
Lexie Craze Q – Accepted
Bethany Brierley Q – Accepted
Amy Westwell – Accepted
Bea Abram-Moore – Accepted
NTR: Zara Liu

Mens Foil
Oliver Strange  Q – Accepted
Rafael Rhys-Pollitt    Q – Accepted
Jaimie Cook Q – Accepted
Dario Stenbeck-Schiavo Q – Accepted
NTR: Jamie Briggs

Womens Foil
Carolina Stutchbury Q
Amelie Tsang – Accepted
Martha Carus-Bird – Accepted
Madeleine Gale – Accepted
NTR: Abigail Quelch

Q = qualified, NTR = non travelling reserve

Next Steps

Full information for athletes parents and personal coaches. Please click here.  Please make sure you have read the information provided carefully and take the appropriate action. Please note the expected travel arrangements around independent travel will be different from previous years.

Fencers will receive an email containing instructions for payments due post the Christmas Break. Fencers who have not made payments will not be confirmed. Any Fencers that click to accept a place and subsequently fails to make a payment by the due date may be charged an administration fee. More information can be found here.

Please note that the TM is not responsible for the welfare of any athlete that chooses to travel on a different flight until they arrive at the hotel or agreed meeting point at which point the TM will take over welfare responsibilities until the agree exit point (hotel or venue).

Queries about selection?

Information regarding selection and appeals is found here.

For Fencers wishing to appeal, please ensure that you have read all the relevant documents (in particular the relevant selection policy) and follow the instructions within the timescales indicated.

If you have any queries regarding why you have not been selected please ensure you have carefully read the selection policy that can be found here. Using this selection policy and the ranking and results information available please then talk to your personal coach. If there are any outstanding queries you should email. Steve Kemp E: [email protected]  cc’ing your personal coach.

Personal Coaches

If you wish to apply to attend in the capacity of a personal coach you must register in advance with BF. To apply  Click Here.

Please Note: As there is a staff allocation that is less that the number of fencers attending we are unable to guarantee accreditation for all personal coaches. The personal coach allocation is split 50/50 between cadet and junior.

  1. Coaches are up to date on the coach register
  2. If the fencers’ personal coaches has met the qualification standard for selection
  3. Coaches have consistently demonstrated suitable coaching behaviours and are not currently being investigated.
  4. Fencer selection place 1-4


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