(Draft Published 21/04/2023)

The Chef de Mission (CdM) is the most senior operational person within a travelling GBR squad for Major Events.

Responsible to the CEO and Pathway Director, the CdM has overall responsibility and accountability for the organisation and in-event management, and the health, safety and welfare of the GBR squad for a Major Event.

At EFC and FIE major events there is only one accredited Head of Delegation and that accreditation is held by the Chef de Mission.

There are official FIE responsibilities assigned to the accredited Head of Delegation and typically these cannot be delegated.

It is expected that the CdM will lead one or more Team Managers/ADP Lead Coaches who will support delivery of the event and are likely to travel.  Also backed up by GBR administrative support and senior leadership who may or may not travel.



  • Responsible for all communications and information flow between the Competition DT and members of the squad. (see o.15.4).
  • Be familiar with the FIE rules, in particular with the organisational rules, the administrative rules and the relevant Handbook for major events. (As any issues will normally be resolved by reference to these)



  • Local Organising Committee – Be the lead point of contact with the Local Organising Committee (Head Office with write to LOC to inform them of the contacts). Disseminate information to all BF staff and squad members as appropriate.
  • Communication – Ensure that all members of the delegation (and any parents/guardians) are communicated with before, during and after the event.
  • Behaviours & Values – Provide a consistent approach to communicating expectations and encouraging and role modelling professional behaviours and a supportive squad ethos in line with BF #CallItAttitude, ‘One Team GB’ and the GBR values (Respect, Honesty, Excellence, Teamwork, Accountability).
  • Issue and Risk Management – Act as an escalation point for risks and issues that arise from selected athletes and coaches.
  • Welfare and Safeguarding – to ensure the welfare of all people involved, recognising the additional duty of care towards young people.
  • Security – to ensure the safety and security of all participants, in line with BF Security Officer and FCO advice
  • Performance – to create the best performance environment possible to allow the squad (athletes, coaches and staff) to work together to the best of their abilities to achieve success
  • Policies – to ensure that all relevant BF policies are communicated and followed by all participants
  • Budget Management – manage the event budget (forecasting, approving POs, ensuring expenses submitted/paid in a timely manner) (NB where a volunteer is acting as a CdM this activity will be assigned to a BF member of staff and the volunteer is expected to have regular meetings to review and oversee this activity.)



  • Ensure that a webpage has been set up and is being maintained by the GBR administrative team. This should be done as soon as the dates of the Major Event is confirmed (well before selection) and populated on an ongoing basis as decisions are made. This should be linked into the relevant Zone page and available on all communications so athletes, coaches and parents have the latest available information.
  • Arrange a safeguarding meeting pre-championships with the BF Safeguarding Lead, appointed TMs, Pathway Director.  Ensure that all members of the delegation have the requisite safeguarding checks and training. Agree any arising actions and communicate as appropriate.
  • Arrange for an update from the BF Security Officer and incorporate advice into planning decisions. Decide whether to hold an additional athlete briefing.
  • Input into squad staff appointments.
  • Input into the logistic arrangements in a timely manner (choice of flights, hotels)
  • Attend the coach selection meeting to input into discussions.
  • Lead one or more online pre-event briefings (supported by GBR Support), to cover:
    • Athletes
    • Coaches/Staff
    • Travelling Supporters/Parents
  • Create the overall run-sheet for the event (using input from TMs/Lead Coaches)


During Event

  • Attend any Head of Delegation briefing (disseminating information as appropriate)
  • Collect and distribute accreditations
  • Maintain positive working relationships with FIE/EFC delegates and DT members, recognising and working within the international fencing operating culture and rules
  • Ensure all squad arrivals received appropriate induction/attend welcome meeting(s)
  • Make decisions about in event changes to the operational plan which impact cross weapons (with input from each weapon ADP Lead/TM)
  • Support ADP Leads to develop the run sheets/plans for each weapon, providing appropriate levels of check and challenge.
  • Support ADP Leads to implement their coaching plan around each weapon, providing appropriate levels of check and challenge. Where the Coaching Development Lead is available (online or in person) they will help facilitate the creation of this plan.
  • Make decisions around use of contingency budget to deal with unexpected operational expenses.
  • In the event of medals ensure that photos, videos and most importantly athlete and coach quotes are provided as soon as practically possible, and NO LATER than before any medal ceremonies. Ensure that medal results are suitably recognised/celebrated within the squad at the time.
  • Ensure that BF policies are implemented – safety, security, safeguarding.
  • Foster an environment of professional respect, role modelling and  encouraging/promoting positive supportive behaviour.
  • Ensure that all members of the squad wear appropriate BF kit in the venue.


Post Event

  • Ensure relevant reports are submitted (eg TM/ADP Leads) to CdM and Pathway director.
  • Collate a Championships report (template to be provided by BF)
  • Chair the online wash-up meetings (to cover Safeguarding, Operational/Logistics and Performance)

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