Last updated: 25.11.2023

For official FIE competitions and EFC Competitions (Championships and Circuit events):

  • FIE 800 Newton (CEN level 2) jacket
  • FIE 800 Newton (CEN level 2) breeches
  • FIE 800 Newton plastron under your jacket
  • An FIE CEN level 2 mask (i.e. with 1600 Newton bib), two approved systems of fastening, in good condition and fitting securely. On ‘contour’ masks a separate safety back strap is compulsory. Foil and Sabre masks (which are by design covered in conductive material) cannot be used in epee events
  • At sabre, a FIE CEN level 2 glove.
  • FIE-homologated Maraging steel blades must be used. In the case of sabre, blades stamped ‘M’ are permitted until September 2022, thereafter blades must carry the full FIE marking.
  • At foil, chest guards (Men and Women) must be covered with an FIE approved soft layer (and be worn under your plastron)
  • Bodywires with transparent connecting plugs (at both ends) are compulsory


For EFC Cadet Circuit events:

  • the athlete name is not required on the back of the jacket.
  • the national logos (GBR Patches) on the breeches are not required

Useful Links:

EFC Cadet  – here – item 11)

FIE Material Rules – here

FIE Publicity Code – here. Note that the rules recently changed. Other than National logos (the ‘GBR patch’) NO other publicity/sponsor patches can be located on the breeches for foil and epee. For sabre there can be a sponsorship logo at the top of the thigh of the non-sword side of the fencing breeches, clearly separated from the national logo


Further notes:

  • It is advisable to name all your equipment (including body wires).
  • Check jackets, breeches and gloves to make sure there are no holes and that seams are in good condition. Gloves with holes repaired will fail weapon checks.
  • For all FIE and EFC Major Championships, it is a requirement to have national logos on the legs. It is optional on the arms however if fencing in a team, all team members must be identical.
  • It is important to ensure your socks stay up as you are fencing and cover your legs completely.
  • Breeches must overlap jackets adequately.
  • Long hair must be tied up – in foil and sabre in such a way that it does not cover the back of the lame.
  • Ensure your kit is in full working order, with all weapons and body-wires tested for continuity, resistance, and weight. You must do this before leaving the UK as there may not be an armory service or an equipment stall at the event.
  • There will be a weapon control. Different competitions check different items – so be prepared for everything to have to pass weapons control.

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