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This webpage intends to set out the administration charges and fines related to participation in the GBR international competitions. For context on the finance charges and BF resources, please see the explanatory note at the bottom of the page.

2023-24 EFC & FIE Licences

EFC Licences (25 Euros) £22
FIE Licenses (25 Euros) £30


Fees for EFC Licences on 1st April 2024 will rise to £30 to cover finance fees and contribute to administrative costs.


2023-24 GBR Competition Administration 

There is one admin entry fee of £15 for the following international competitions where BF administrates entries:

  • U14 EFC
  • U17 Non Nominated EFC
  • U23 Non Nominated EFC
  • Senior (World Cups, Grand Prix & Satellite)
  • Veteran

Nominated U20 (Junior) World Cups and all European & World Championships except Veterans are considered ‘managed’ GBR trips, and there are additional services and, therefore, charges associated.

For U17 (Cadet) Nominated and Development EFCs and FIE events, BF organises (and pays for) referees.

Managed Events Cadet Junior European /Worlds
Accommodation per night 0 £75 Price per event
Admin £20 £25 £30-£50
Referee Expenses £145 £125 Covered by Event Entry Fee
Staff/Coach Costs N/A £75 Price per event
Total £165 £375 Per Event


Cadet and Junior costs are based on an average figure across the season and the Cadet and Junior competitions.


2023-24 Late Entry & Withdrawal 

Late entries will only be accepted in *exceptional* personal circumstances that demonstrably prohibit the entry from being completed by the deadline and will be subject to available administrative resources and the place still being available (see explanatory notes).

Where no EFC or FIE fines are associated with a late entry or withdrawal:

BF Late Entry (BF Deadline 1) £100
BF Withdrawal fee – non-medical £15
BF Withdrawal fee – (Medical evidence provided) F.O.C


2023-24 EFC & FIE Fines

BF require at least 3 full working days to action any (non-medical) withdrawals.

BF Administration fee: £100 plus any of the following:
FIE Late Entry Deadline 1 150 Euros
FIE Late Entry Deadline 2 250 Euros
FIE – Failure to appear 500 Euros
FIE – Late withdrawal (non-medical) 500 Euros


If an athlete withdraws from an event after paying, there may be some circumstances in which BF can process a refund (e.g., we can get a refund from hotels, and another athlete can take place).

Where refunds are payable, there will be a 10 % transaction value deduction in addition to the relevant fines, fees and charges set out above.


Explanatory Notes:

  1. Pass through finance charges.
    1. When you pay a charge to British Fencing, there are finance charges. This means that if you pay BF £10, British Fencing typically receives less than £10 – how much less will depend on things like the mechanism of payment and the type of card you have used.
    2. When BF transfer money to other organisations such as the EFC, FIE or Event Organising Committees on your behalf, we are also charged fees by our bank to make the transfer/payment and for any currency conversion. So if we need to transfer £100 to the FIE, it will cost us more than £100. If you pay us £100 through an online payment mechanism, we will receive less than £100.
  2. The cost of staff. BF employs a small number of people to administrate the sport to keep membership fees as low as possible. BF employees do not work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are entitled to annual leave and holiday.  Therefore, we put procedures and deadlines in place to ensure that our small team can administrate the sport in reasonable timeframes.
  3. BF sets and publishes entry deadlines so that we can administrate the large volumes of entries across the age groups. If an athlete fails to enter and pay by the deadline, the entry system will, in many cases, automatically as the next reserve athlete. Therefore, it may not always be possible to administrate late entries.



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