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Last updated: 5th February 2024 



The aim of British Fencing’s Advanced Coaching Programme is to support the growth of our coaches through the exploration of their own coaching philosophy, reflective practice and values as well providing an opportunity to explore performance, athlete and season planning.  Other subject areas covered by the programme are skill acquisition, session design and deepening the understanding of the coach and athlete pathway philosophy and the responsibilities of the coaches within it.


Who is it for?

The Advanced Coaching Programme is for those coaches who have expressed the desire to develop their holistic coaching approach.  It is for coaches from across the coaching community; especially those who are currently engaged with their own development and will be supported by BF throughout.   

Throughout the programme you will be supported by various Coach Developers who will provide in situ visits, in your environment, to support your learning and growth.  We will also be accessing learning from across the High-Performance System, including the newly established Combat Club.

Fencing Coach demonstrating fencing footwork to a female Boxing Coach
Fencing and Boxing coaches standing together exploring coaching practice
Learning from other sports

Combat Club Images Courtesy of Sian Hughes Pollitt

Combat Club brings together coaches from across the various Olympic and Paralympic combat sports to maximise individual and collective learning from each other.

When is it running?

Applications for the second intake, called Cohort 2, will open 9th February 2024. Applications for Cohort 2 will close 9th March 2024. 

The dates for Cohort 2 are as follows. Delegates are reminded that they are expected to attend all dates, in order to gain maximum benefit.

Day 1)  Friday 10th May 2024

Day 2)  Friday 12th July 2024

Day 3)  Friday 6th September 2024

Day 4)  Friday 1st November 2024

Day 5)  Friday 10th January 2025


Image outlining the screening process for the Advanced Coaching Programme 24/25
Screening Process

How can I apply?

If you are interested in attending the Advanced Coaching Programme or another coaching programme in the future, please let us know by clicking the button below:



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