GBR National Development Camps


The GBR National Camps are Athlete Development Camps which are to give athletes the tools needed to become a successful, self-sufficient athlete. This is done by bringing the country’s top fencers together with the top coaches across a number of annual camps, aligned to their competition calendars.

Development camps aim to provide strong sparring opportunities aimed at developing both an individual’s skills and a wider GB squad culture. This combines with developing the broader skills vital to negotiating the modern sporting landscape, including managing time and budgets, designing and following a training plan and how an athlete can publicise themselves for potential sponsorship or funding opportunities. To help achieve this, the development camps have partnered with the Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE), funded by the Department for Education. This is a BTEC level qualification for development program athletes aged 16-18, not in university, and allows athletes to gain a qualification alongside their training.

The camps are structured to complement the cadet and junior competition calendar, with themes to match the time of year relative to this. Below is a summary of the dates for each camp, as well as their aims and any additional learning being provided

ADP training events will vary in their set-up depending on intended outcomes, some separated by weapon and some by competition level.


The topics for the Camps for 2019/20 will be:

DECEMBER 28-30- Mid-season break, evaluating goals and going into the second half of season. This will include a reflection on Autumn goals, setting goals for the second half of the season with an emphasis on either, Major champs or learning at the competition. Second-year DiSE fencers will be completing Training Period 3 and first-year DiSE fencers Training Period 1.


December 28-30 2019:  Foil, Hendon. Sabre, Egham. Epee, Nottingham  More information here

March  2020:  14-15 March, Epee and Sabre and  21-22 March Foil, Leon Paul, Hendon (Both events)

Previous Camps (Topics and Dates)

FEBRUARY 23-24 2019 – Major Champs preparation and end of season review. This will include fencing as a team, evaluating a season and making a plan for the off-season.

APRIL 15-17 2019 – Trial days for new ADP athletes. A “Getting to know you” session for new athletes with an ADP coach. DiSE fencers will be completing Training Period 1, setting up Training Period 2 and Athlete Nutrition.

JULY 06 -07 2019 – Athlete induction for the 2019/20 season. Fencers will explore their Athlete Profiles, Performance Plans, and will spend time setting goals for the coming season.  DiSE fencers will learn about financial management as an athlete, athlete nutrition, and how to plan their summer training.

AUGUST  31- SEPTEMBER 1- This camp will prepare fencers for the domestic season with particular focus on the National Championship.

OCTOBER 19-21- Preparation for international competition. DiSE fencers will be looking at the physical demands for fencing and the dual-career pathways for fencers.


February 23/24 2018: Manchester – Manchester Fencing Centre (All Weapons)
July 6/7 2018: Nottingham – Jubilee Campus
September 1/2 2018: Nottingham – David Ross Sports Village (Foil), Leon Paul Fencing Centre (Epee & Sabre)
October 20/21 2018: Manchester – Manchester Fencing Centre (All Weapons)
December 28-30 2018: London – Leon Paul Fencing Centre (Foil), Nottingham – David Ross Sports Village (Epee & Sabre)
February 2019: 23/24: Manchester – Manchester Fencing Centre (All Weapons)
April 15th/16th 2019
July 6th/7th 2019




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