September 2020 Athlete Development Camps

Created 04/08/2020

Saturday 5th &  Sunday 6th September 2020

Venues: Online, Truro, Stratford upon Avon, Hendon


Coaching Team – Jon Salfield, Niki Dinev, Chris Buxton, Balazs Kurucz, Steve Petrie

Coached Sessions

  • Footwork – technical work on change of preparation (middle 4m)
  • Technical Session (Zoom)
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Choice reaction games
  • Invitation -Controlled Sparring
  • Resilience – Mindfulness (TAP)

Education Sessions

  • Video Analysis & Sabre Coding

Individual Development Profile Sessions

  • Training Plan review
  • Self Awareness -Body Scans (TAP)


Coaching Team – John Rees, Ian Lichfield, Olga Campofreda, Chris Hay, Lorraine Rose

Coached Sessions

  • Footwork sessions (With Targets)
  • Bladework Session (With Targets)
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Flexibility work

Education Sessions

  • Video Analysis (Team Matches

Individual Development Profile

  • Self Awareness -Body Scans (TAP)


Coaching Team – Chris Galesloot, Kieth Cook, Katie Arup, Paweł Osmański,  Don McKenzie

Coached Sessions

  • Footwork sessions (Technical, Tactical, Conditioning)
  • Technical Session (Point Control)
  • Strength and Conditioning

Education Sessions

  • Learning from other Nations – Understanding the Referee
  • 3 Ps – a strategic framework
  • One Team

Individual Development Profile

  • Team Tactics and Fencing Plans
  • Risk V Rewards
  • Self Awareness -Body Scans (TAP)



Login and Joining Instructions will be sent by 29th August  2020

Support Team 

Johnny Davis, Georgina Usher, Neil Brown, Steve Kemp


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