GBR Athlete Development Programme Coaches

Foil ADP Coaches (19-20)

  • Alex Beardmore
  • Adam Blight
  • Acland Bryant
  • Mike Cleary
  • Keith Cook
  • Chris Galesloot (L)
  • Glen Golding
  • Pierre Harper
  • Don McKenzie
  • Lynne Melia
  • Tim Miles
  • Dom Szokolovics

Epee ADP Coaches (19-20)

  • Olga Campofreda
  • Iuliana Cocora
  • Chris Hay
  • Ian Lichfield
  • Richard Lloyd-Jones
  • Iavinia Puiu
  • John Rees (L)
  • Lorraine Rose

Sabre ADP Coaches (19-20)

  • Chris Buxton
  • Beth Davidson
  • Nikolay Dinev
  • Sarah Ellis
  • Balazs Kurucz
  • Nathaniel Lewis
  • Rhys Melia
  • Jon Salfield (L)
  • James Williams

 ADP Support Staff  (19-20)

  • Neil Brown
  • Rob Cawdron
  • Steven Davey
  • Jonathan Katz
  • Steve Kemp
  • Steve Petrie
  • Sam Parfitt
  • Jes Smith
  • Paul Sibert

Bold = Coaches/Staff  used for ADP discretionary selection discussions. 

Steve Kemp is responsible for independent oversight of the discretionary selection proposals.


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