Athlete Development Programme Overview 2021-2022

Created 25/07/2021


Athlete Development Programme
The BF Athlete Development Programme is a six weapon programme that exists to support athletes in achieving Olympic success and inspiring others.

It covers athletes from age 15 to 35 (and beyond for those performing at Olympic level) who are moving through a defined development pathway to success at the highest level of fencing.

Forming part of the overall BF Strategy, our mission is deliver a sustainable and inclusive 6W athlete development system that enables every (talented) athlete to access a high-quality pathway that fulfils their potential – as people and performers.

Our primary objective is to produce athletes that are resilient, independent, and high performing with a true sense of self value that in turn inspires others to achieve success.

We take a ‘whole person’ approach because we believe that ‘Better people make better athletes‘.

Each year fencers are reviewed on their performance, progress and mapped against a set of performance standards. This coming season based on those reviews we are creating training cohorts, which allows specific camps to have a better differentiation on the programme being delivered to the fencers involved.

We will provide some more information of the standards and behaviours we expect at each level of the athlete pathway in due course. Please note we expect you to keep written plans and records of your training and competitions, attend the ADP training camps (real and virtual), and maintain your training.

ADP fencers will also get access to online resources through British Fencing’s learning platform.

Fencing Kit 

PLEASE NOTE – all sparring sessions will be in full kit, including socks. The coaches won’t let you fence unless you are.

. Full fencing kit. All must be in good condition and you should have at least 3 weapons and 2 body wires.
· Testing and tool kit to maintain your fencing kit
· A thermometer
· Sports kit for non-fencing activity. T-shirts, shorts, indoor running shoes/trainers
· Suitable shoes for all your sports activities. You may need: indoor running or cross-training shoes, outdoor running shoes, fencing shoes.
· Named water bottle
· Your training diary, a computer or tablet if your diary is in electronic format or online, computer or tablet if you are part of the DiSE programme


As part of the activities over the weekend, we’ll be helping you use a phone for recording data and collecting feedback. These will relate to reflection upon performance whilst sparring, and contribute to the BF Commitment work being undertaken by senior fencers.

Where possible please bring a smartphone or if you prefer a pen and paper.


Please note there will be filming and photography at this camp for BF purposes ie website and social media. Please let the media team know if there are any issues.


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