GBR Logos, Country Code & Tracksuits

Last Updated 02.05.2024


EFC Cadet Circuit FIE All (includes European Championships at all levels and Satellites) FIE Specified
Name on back of jacket EFC Rules – not required. See here, item 11.

BF – Recommended

FIE Rules – m.25.h and t.74Required
Country Code on back of jacket EFC Rules – not required. See here, item 11.

BF – Recommended for GBR Selections

FIE Rules – m.25.h and t.74Required
GBR Tracksuit EFC Rules – not required

BF – Recommended for GBR Selections

BF – Recommended for GBR Selections.

Squad tracksuit required for Major Championships (Euros/Worlds)

FIE p.12.e.3.e At the World Championships, only national federation tracksuits may be worn
National Logo (‘patches’) EFC Rules – not required.

BF – Not Required

FIE Rules t.74Required


FIE Rules – m.25.hIdentical for all fencers in teams for

  • Senior World Cups
  • World & Zonal Championships
Sponsor Logos FIE Publicity Rules – See here. FIE Publicity Rules – See here.
GBR Design on masks EFC Rules – no rules

BF – Not required

FIE Rules – only one design approved for use. Not required

BF – Not required

No requirement for team fencers to be the same.


More Information

The GBR logo approved for use on fencing kit at major competitions by the FIE can be found here:

Placement information can be found here –

The placement of the GBR logos on the jacket arm is designated as the convention by BF but not mandatory (ie you will not fail FIE weapon control at FIE competitions if you do not have them). However, members of the same teams are required by the FIE to have the same GBR logo application therefore the convention will be adopted as follows:

Foil fencers require 1 logos on each arm and each leg. (total 4)
Epee fencers require 1 logo on each leg and 1 logo on the back, non-sword arm. (total 3)
Sabre fencers require 1 logo on each leg. (total 2)


Commemorative Patches

BF provides Cadet (U17) and Junior (U20) athletes with ‘commemorative patches’ when they are selected for major events such as European and World Championships. We do not intend athletes to sew these onto the fencing kit they use at FIE events. Importantly there are FIE rules around what can appear where and these are subject to change. If they wish athletes can sew the patches onto kit used only at EFC circuit or domestic events where the FIE restrictions do not apply.






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