GBR Selection Appeals Policy

Unless stated otherwise, all GBR selection/nomination appeals will be run in accordance with the GBR Appeals Policy and Process.

If you are a parent or coach disappointed by a selection please read this (section 9 in particular) before making an appeal:

Further Advice and Guidance for Parents and Personal Coaches


Note on discretion

Selection policies often allow discretion and the circumstances in which it is used are contained in the individual policies.

The factors that are taken into account are wide ranging, particularly for young athletes. Sometimes specific discretionary factors being considered are listed in the policies.

Discretion allows for the developmental needs of GB squad and athletes to be considered. Policies will often state specific groups of individuals that the discretionary decision is delegated to.

It is not unusual that the developmental needs of 6 weapon squads are different and therefore the resulting numbers of athletes across weapon squads to be different.

For the Athlete Development Team to have some flexibility to adjust squad sizes based on developmental needs of GB squads is important.

The application of this discretion in one weapon must not be interpreted as a right for athletes in another weapon to be selected under discretion.

In the event that an athlete has failed to meet qualification standards, discretionary decisions cannot be appealed.

In instances where the policies provide for discretion to increase the numbers of athletes selected to attend events BF will not be forced into using all potentially available places – that is not discretion.

Athletes relying on discretionary selection are responsible for ensuring that their individual athlete development plans are kept up to date with input from their personal coaches and provided to selectors in advance of selection according to the processes and deadlines set out. This IADP, which includes training and competition plans should include consideration of other international opportunities to compete where selection is not required and the focus is on developing as a fencer.


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