Exemptions from British Championships 2019

Exemption list for athletes/parents and selectors to check.


updated 28th June 2019

Please Note: Currently no fencers have been granted exemption from the Junior and Cadet National Championships in 2019.

Event Name Status Date
Senior Nationals 2019 Philippa Mullins Granted 05.03.19
Senior Nationals 2019 Jessica Gundry Granted 11.10.18
U23 Championships Alex Lloyd Granted 18.01.19
Senior Nationals 2019 Tommy Curran Jones Granted 18.03.19
Senior Nationals April 2019 All Junior Fencers selected for the Junior World Championships 2019 Granted 22.03.19
Senior Nationals 2019 Amalia Couzoff Granted 26.03.19
Senior Nationals 2019 Richard Kruse Granted 10.04.19
Senior Nationals 2019 Pranav Thakkar Granted 12.04.19
Senior Nationals 2019 Husayn Rosowsky Granted 23.04.19
Senior Nationals 2019 Holly Snellin Granted 25.04.19
Foil Cadet Nationals 2019 Lauren Ryder-Garcia Granted 05.08.19
Junior Nationals 2019 Heloise Hardie Granted 12.08.19
Cadet National 2019 Bridget Belcher Granted 16.09.19
Cadet and Junior Nationals 2019 Lucy-Belle Williamson Granted 16.9.19
Cadet and Junior Nationals 2019 Omari Campbell-Okolo Granted 16.9.19
Senior Nationals 2019 Yasmin Campbell Granted 19.10.19
Cadet Nationals 2019 Elliott Baxter Granted 25.11.19
U23 Nationals 2019 Kate Beardmore Granted 12.10.19


GBR Eligibility Pre-requisite here

2018 Exemptions can be found here


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