U17 & U20 Ranking Competition and Qualification Structure for 2020-2021 season

(Draft initially published 28/2/2020)

The nominated competition list for those fencers aspiring for international selection to achieve the qualification standards for European and World Championship is shown below.

It provides a draft outline of the ranking competition and qualification structure for Cadets (U17) and Juniors (U20) for the 2020-2021 season.

This is a live document that will be fully confirmed when competition information is received from the European Fencing Confederation (EFC) and the Fédération Internationale d’Escrime (FIE). It contains the dates of any British Ranking Competitions (BRCs) until the Cadet and Junior Nationals in September 2020. (Information on how to enter these events will follow soon.)


Points to note:

The nominated competitions/dates after the Cadet and Junior Nationals in September are based on last year’s EFC and FIE Calendars. These can only be confirmed when the EFC and FIE calendars are released later this year. They are also subject to any last-minute changes made by either by EFC or FIE.  Therefore these are published for guidance purposes only.

In creating this list, the ADP coaches have looked for more opportunities across various competitions for fencers to achieve ranking points in the BRC circuit and thus achieve qualification for international events. This is to allow more flexibility in individual fencer’s competition planning and choices over which competitions are best to target. Rather than nominating a few that all must attend. It is the expectation that U17/U20 athletes seeking to represent GBR next season start creating (if they have not already done so) their draft competition and training plans based on this list.

With the nominated international competitions, the ADP team has looked broader beyond the Junior World Cup circuit, this in attempt to reduce some of the travel distances involved and provide more opportunities to fence the international circuit. This to help our fencers build more international experience prior to the major championship. These events will offer qualification points for Euros and Worlds.

The nominated internationals listed will likely reduce once the FIE/EFC have confirmed dates. At that point there will be a discussion on how non-nominated competitions can be used to benefit the fencers’ development.  Fencers seeking GBR representation are expected to be thinking about their development through the season and how non-nominated international events may contribute to gaining appropriate competition experience.

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