30/10/2018- GBR

GBR JWE Selections – Burgos
Laura Sheffield – Accepted
Alex Powell – Accepted
Avery Louis – Accepted
Taylor Foxwell-Moss – Accepted
Abi Watkins – Accepted
Alex Stewart – Accepted
Jacqueline Oien – Accepted
Maia Henderson-Roe – Accepted
Maddy Lee – Accepted

Catherine Bishop
Elena Palano
Rachel Barnes

The ADT has selected a squad of 6 for the team as follows
Laura Sheffield
Alex Powell
Avery Louis
Abi Watkins
Taylor Foxwell Moss
Alex Stewart

PTM Marie-Pauline MacKinnon
Referee Sarah Steacy
Coach John Rees
Personal Coach Oana Puiu

Next Steps (Nominated Team and Individual JWCs) 

Fencers must confirm selection by following the instructions in the selection email including making any payment due. Athletes who have not made payments will not be confirmed. Any athlete that clicks to accept a place and subsequently fails to make a payment by the due date may be charged an administration fee. More information can be found here.

Information about flight options will be contained in the selection email. For athletes choosing to independently travel, flights must be booked within 1 week of accepting places and the details sent to the TM.

Please note that the TM is not responsible for the welfare of any athlete that chooses to travel on a different flight until they arrive at the hotel at which point the TM will take over welfare responsibilities until the agree exit point (hotel or venue).

Queries about selection?

If you have any queries regarding how selection is made please ensure you have carefully read the selection policy that can be found here. This policy will also help you understand who you need to contact in the event you think there has been an error in rankings or applying the policy.

If you have any queries regarding why you have not been selected for the team event you should speak to the ADP Lead Coach in your weapon. Please ensure that you have your Athlete Development Profile available and shared with the ADP Lead Coach in advance for the purposes of that discussion. To book a discussion with an ADP Coach please email your Athlete Development Profile along with details regarding the specific selection you with to discuss to [email protected].

Personal Coaches

If you wish to apply to attend in the capacity of a personal coach you must register in advance with BF. For more information please read this.

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