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Following the part 1 consultation and feedback.  The full draft 2023-24 GBR Selection Policy is published for final consultation.

The 2023-24 GBR Selection Policy cover all age groups, U17s, U20s, U23s and Seniors and Para Fencers.

Following feedback in consultation part 1

Key Adjustments

  • Outline the key principles for GBR selection for Major Championships (Ref 5.3.1)
  • Clarification regarding GBR eligibility (Ref 6.1.1)
  • Revision of the Discretionary Application Process (Ref 6.8)  Discretionary Application  Information
  • Inclusion of performances at the European Games for the next seasons qualifying standards (Ref 53e)
  • The additional minimum requirement for athletes to win a DE fight at the respective International competition during the season. (Ref 57)
  • General clarifications and improvements and references to COVID are replaced with general risks. (Ref 1.5)
  • BUCS Eligibility criteria for World University Games updated. (Ref 12.1)

For Cadets and Juniors:

  • Change in the entry process for development competitions for Cadets and Juniors. (Ref 4.3)
  • Adjustment to automatic qualification standards to compete for GBR at Major Championships for cadets and juniors. (Ref 53 e)
  • FIE world team ranking is now considered for Junior qualification standards. (Ref 58)
  • Cadets (U17) Whilst the intention is to select all available places, in exceptional circumstances, the Weapon Selection Panel reserve the right, under guidance from the ADP, to select fewer places. Exceptional circumstances would include insufficient eligible or available athletes or the costs of the additional referees/fines creating a significant barrier to all athletes (Ref 70).

For Seniors:

  • More athletes eligible for FIE Satellite events (Ref 148)
  • Additional selection Points for Team Events will be published on the GBR calendar. (Ref 162) These Selection Points may take place earlier than the individual selection to support travel planning for team members.
  • If the Weapon Selection Panel fail to decide in accordance with the Selection deadlines, the ADT proposals will be deemed to be accepted. (Ref 158)
  • If discretionary places are not used, the remaining places will revert to the Senior Ranking order (Ref 159).

Please read the draft GBR Selection Policy v1.5 for the final Consultation.

The 2023-24 selection policies consultation period will run from 17th August 2023 to Sunday 27th August at midnight.  Members will be able to respond to the consultation by submitting questions and comments using this online form:


The final policy will be presented to BF Board for approval on 12th September.

If you have any questions about this post, please submit them to us via the form here, and an ADP team member will return to you.

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