27/10/2022- GBR Fencer


Based on feedback from the community, BF has published an infographic to guide athletes, parents and coaches through the process BF undertakes to produce the selections for international trips.

The graphic highlights the integral role of the Event Organisers, Ranking Coordinators and Manager, selectors, and the ADP team. It highlights the ADP target timescale of 7 days needed to produce the rankings and confirm selections, starting from the selection point.

Further clarity is given around Selection points and what they mean.

Where possible, we will always try to post the selection announcements earlier than 7 days as we recognise that costs can rise, nearer the events. If possible, BF will try to publish the selection announcements earlier than published on the GBR Calendars if there are no other competitions/events that will impact the selection, again recognising the potential cost implications created if there is a delay.

To view the selection process please click on the following link: GBR Selection Timeline

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