03/01/2019- SWS

Women’s Sabre Sint-Niklaas World Cup, March 2019 –  Individual Selection
1 ITZKOWITZ Aliya Camden – Accepted
2 CORBY Jessica Salle Ossian – Accepted
3 MAXWELL Caitlin Truro – Accepted
4 HAMPSON Sarah-Jane Salle Ossian – Accepted
5 RUAUX Emily Rivington
6 PLEASANT Bridget Camden – Accepted
7 ANIL Shreya Camden
8 DAYKIN Kate Salle Ossian – Accepted
9 FAIRHEAD Helen Camden
10 DAVIS Alexandra Wrekin Sword – Accepted
11. CHART Maria Truro – Declined
12 EINCHCOMB Danielle Camden – Accepted

Women’s Sabre Sint-Niklaas World Cup Team Selection
1 ITZKOWITZ Aliya Camden
2 CORBY Jessica Salle Ossian
3 MAXWELL Caitlin Truro

4th Member to be decided after the individual
HAMPSON Sarah-Jane Salle Ossian
RUAUX Emily Rivington
PLEASANT Bridget Camden
CHART Maria Truro

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