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Archer, Brooke, Caron, Deary, Maxwell and Stutchbury have been selected to represent GBR at the European Zonal Qualifier event for Paris  2024.

Selections for the upcoming European Zonal Qualifier event for the 2024 Paris Olympics have been made according to the published Board-approved Zonal Selection Policy.

These selections are subject to appeal, deadline for an appeal is 17:00 on the 2nd of April.

Athletes selected (subject to appeal):

  • Epee – Women – CARON Julia (Discretionary Route 1)
  • Epee – Men – BROOKE Alec (Discretionary Route 1)
  • Foil – Women – STUTCHBURY Carolina (Qualification Route 1)
  • Foil – Men – ARCHER Kristjan (Qualification Route 1)
  • Sabre – Women – MAXWELL Caitlin (Qualification Route 1)
  • Sabre – Men – DEARY William (Discretionary Route 2)


Note for athletes and coaches: This event will be run as a managed BF squad, led by James Williams, Olympic Team Manager. BF has organised provisional accommodation for athletes and personal coaches based on arriving 2 days before the competition day (with one full day clear) and leaving the day after the competition – more details on the European Zonal Qualifier. Invitations will be sent out following conclusion of any appeals.


Selection Panel Information:

The selection panel met on 26 March 2024 as there are no further events that can impact qualification standards or the respective FIE rankings (https://paris.fie.org/) until the end of the qualifying period on 1 April 2024 (the ranking cut-off date in the policy).

The  members of the Selection Panel were:

  • Steve Kemp – Chair
  • Lindsay Bottoms– GBR Selection Panel Rep (Epee)
  • Anthony Crutchett – GBR Selection Panel Rep (Sabre)
  • Mike McKay – GBR Selection Panel Rep (Foil)
  • Fran Whalley  – Sabre recommendations
  • Ben Peggs  – Foil recommendations
  • Ian Lichfield – Epee recommendations
  • Dusty Miller – Independent Observer
  • Pat Aiyenuro – Independent Member &  Board Member
  • Ian Lichfield  –  Data and insight


Selection Routes Used:

(see the Selection Policy for all available routes.)

7.1 Qualification Route 1 – Direct Senior World Ranking

7.1.1 The FIE publishes an Individual Official Ranking List as defined in the FIE Olympic Qualification System document (see 2.1.1.).

7.1.2 Qualification standard = Top 50 in the FIE Individual Official Ranking List as at 1st April 2024.

7.1.3 If more than one (1) athlete reaches the qualification standard, selection from the qualified athletes will be based on the FIE Individual Official Ranking List as at 1st April 2024. The 2nd highest ranked fencer will be selected as a reserve.

8.1 Discretionary Route 1

8.1.1 If as at 1st April no athlete qualifies through Qualification Route 1 and Route 2 above, discretionary selection will initially focus on athletes with trajectories and ambition to medal at the 2028 and/or 2032 Olympic Games. Discretionary performance indicators will include:

a) Individual medal winning performances*
b) Performance trajectories
c) Percentage finishes*
d) IADP focussed on 2028 or 2032 Olympic medal outcomes
e) Pathway stage assessment
f) Preparedness to compete (training schedule, injury status)

Discretionary indicators are not assigned a priority order or weighting.

*Performances in
Senior FIE World Cups, Grand Prixs, European Games
Junior and Senior European and World Championships

8.2 Discretionary Route 2

8.2.1 If no athlete is selected using Discretionary Route 1. then consideration will be given to the individual performance records of athletes (at Senior FIE events, within the preceding 12 months as at 1st April 2024) prioritising performances against the other European fencers likely to attend the event.


Appeal Information:

The GBR Selection and Nominations Appeals Policy and Procedure sets out the framework process that will be followed. Notice of Appeal must be received by BF within 3 working days of the selection/nomination decision(s) being announced, either on the British Fencing website or via email.

Athletes have 3 working days to submit their notices of appeal but are encouraged to contact [email protected] at the earliest possible opportunity to notify us of intention to appeal so we can factor this into the logistic planning.


More Information:

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