This page is intended for the athletes and coaches attending the Olympic zonal qualifier in Differdange, Luxembourg on 26 – 28th April 2024

Last updated: 26th March 2024

A Guide to the Zonal Selection 2024

This section is to provide information regarding  selection for the 2024 Zonal qualification event to be held in Differdange, Luxembourg.

To read the full selection policy click here: Zonal Selection Policy

Selection Dates

The Panel will meet on the 26th March after all the qualifying events have been completed. Discretionary forms must be submitted in advance of this (see below).


Athletes are eligible for consideration for selection provided they:

  • are a British citizen with a valid British passport valid for at least six months after the Paris Olympic Games in 2024
  • are a member of British Fencing (BF)
  • satisfy all eligibility criteria of the BOA and/or the International Olympic Committee (IOC) from time to time, including (but not limited to) in respect of anti-doping and nationality requirements
  • have satisfied all eligibility criteria under the FIE rules including national eligibility and minimum age as may be adopted by the FIE from time to time
  • satisfy all eligibility rules as contained within the 2023-24 British Fencing GBR Selection Policy, and
  • satisfy any other eligibility rules as may be imposed by BF from time to time.

Qualification Route 1 – Direct Senior World Ranking

7.1.1 The FIE publishes an Individual Official Ranking List as defined in the FIE Olympic Qualification System document (see 2.1.1.).

7.1.2 Qualification standard = Top 50 in the FIE Individual Official Ranking List as at 1st April 2024.

7.1.3 If more than one (1) athlete reaches the qualification standard, selection from the qualified athletes will be based on the FIE Individual Official Ranking List as at 1st April 2024. The 2nd highest ranked fencer will be selected as a reserve.

Qualification Route 2 – Indirect Senior World Ranking

7.2.1 If no athletes qualify through Qualification Route 1. the selectors will refer to the FIE Senior Individual Adjusted Olympic Ranking list (FIE AOR) as at 1st April 2024. Note – the FIE AOR is created by the FIE in accordance with the published FIE Olympic Qualification System, see 2.1.1 above. To create the FIE AOR, the FIE Individual Official Ranking List is modified by removing all the athletes from nations with qualified teams, leaving only the highest ranked athletes by zone. The live AOR is published here:, currently including all ranked athletes from nations outside the team qualification positions.

7.2.2 The FIE AOR as at 1st April will be modified if required to ensure: – all athletes from non-European countries have been removed – only the highest ranked athletes from unqualified European Nations remain – the top three GBR athletes on the FIE Individual Official Ranking are included (added back in if necessary) by ranking.

7.2.3 Qualification standard = GBR athlete in the top three of the list described in 7.2.2 7.2.4 If more than one GBR athlete is in the top three of the list described in 7.2.2, the highest ranked GBR athlete on that list will be selected. 7.2.5 If one GBR athlete is in the top three of the list described in 7.2.2, they will be selected.


8.1.1 If as of 1st April no athlete qualifies through Qualification Route 1 and Route 2 above, discretionary selection will initially focus on athletes with trajectories and ambition to medal at the 2028 and/or 2032 Olympic Games.

Discretionary performance indicators will include:

a) Individual medal winning performances*
b) Performance trajectories
c) Percentage finishes*
d) IADP focussed on 2028 or 2032 Olympic medal outcomes
e) Pathway stage assessment
f) Preparedness to compete (training schedule, injury status)

Discretionary indicators are not assigned a priority order or weighting.

*Performances in Senior FIE World Cups, Grands Prix, European Games, Junior and Senior European and World Championships


8.2.1 If no athlete is selected using Discretionary Route 1. then consideration will be given to the individual performance records of athletes (at Senior FIE events, within the preceding 12 months as at 1st April 2024) prioritising performances against the other European fencers likely to attend the event.


8.3.1 If no athlete is selected using Discretionary Route 1 & 2, then the selectors may consider discretionary cases from athletes: a) who have achieved a Senior World Ranking of 120 or less (ie between 51 & 120) as at 1st April 2024, or b) who have previously achieved a Senior World Ranking of 120 or less within the previous 18 months, but present a case around injury, illness, pregnancy or similar life changing event.

8.3.2 Athletes that wish to be considered under Discretionary Route 3 must submit a Zonal Discretionary Form in accordance with the process published on the BF website. Link Here

Current Nomination Analysis 18/03/2024
This is the current profile of potential athletes and which route would be utilised in the nomination and selection process.  Some athletes may be in two routes at this time.

Any names showing in the Discretionary Routes are there as they will be considered against that Route. It does not mean that they meet the indicators, it will mean they will be considered against those indicators.

Weapon Qualification Route 1 Qualification Route 2 Discretionary Route 1 Discretionary Route 2 Discretionary Route 3 Qualification Period Finishes
MF Kristjan Archer 0 N/A N/A N/A 18/03/24
WF Carolina Stutchbury 0 N/A N/A N/A 18/03/24
MS 0 0 N/A William Deary William Deary 25/03/24
WS Caitlin Maxwell 0 N/A N/A N/A 18/03/24
ME 0 0 Alec Brook
Ben Andrews
Alec Brook 0 25/03/24
WE 0 TBC Julia Caron Julia Caron
Susan Sica
Julia Caron
Susan Sica


*  = Subject to data check

Discretionary Route 3 is subject to the athlete submitting a discretionary request.

The  final analysis is to be completed by 26/03/2024. An explanation of the requirements for each route are highlighted above.

Event Information

Location: Differdange, Luxembourg

Date:  26th–28th April 2024

Ecole Internationale Differdange et Esch/Alzette – EIDE 6, rue John E. Dolibois L-4573 Differdange Luxembourg

Thursday, 25 April
Arrival of delegation and meetings
16:00 – Posting of pools
17:00 – Initial weapon control/accreditations
19:00 – Seminar and meeting of referees

Draft: Friday, 26 April 
10:00 – Pool men’s foil
12:00 – Pool women’s epee
16:30 – T4 men’s foil 17:30 – T4 women’s epee
19:00 – Final men’s foil
19:30 – Final women’s epee

Draft: Saturday, 27 April 
10:00 – Pool men’s sabre
11:00 – Pool women’s foil
16:30 – T4 men’s sabre
17:30 – T4 women’s foil
19:00 – Final men’s sabre
19:30 – Final women’s foil

Draft: Sunday, 28 April 
10:00 – Pool women’s sabre
10:00 – Pool men’s epee
16:00 – T4 women’s sabre
17:00 – T4 men’s epee
18:00 – Final women’s sabre
19:00 – Final men’s epee


BF Staff Team

  • Team Manager -James Williams
  • Foil Coaches – TBC after Selection
  • Epee Coaches –  TBC after Selection
  • Sabre Coaches  – TBC after Selection

FIE Officials – tbc

Host Country and City


Location Differdange, Luxembourg
Time Zone Central European Time (CET) (UTC + 1)
Official Languages Luxembourgish, French and German
Climate Oceanic with average temperatures between 4 to 13 degrees Celsius
Currency Euro €
Drinking water All tap water is drinkable in Luxembourg
Driving In Luxembourg you drive on the right-hand side. EU, EEA or International Driving Permit required
Electricity In Luxembourg there are two associated plug types: C and F. Plug type C is has two round pins and plug type F has two round pins with two earth clips on the side. Luxembourg operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.
Useful        telephone numbers All the emergency services (Ambulance, Fire, Police) can be reached by calling 112


Official Tracksuit and Patches

Official Tracksuits

More information about which tracksuit you need and how to order additional kit is here: Official BF Kit

As a reminder in accordance with the FIE rules the Official National Tracksuit must be worn in full on podiums. (No club tracksuits, cycling shorts, leggings etc)


It is your responsibility to ensure your kit has the correct logos/patches and your equipment meets FIE standards.

As part of the terms of the Leon Paul sponsorship arrangement, all athletes competing are required to wear a Leon Paul logo.

For more information read the GBR logos and patches instructions here.




There will be testing at the event.

Athletes are solely responsible for any banned substance they use, attempt to use, or that is found in their system, regardless of how it got there and whether or not they had an intention to cheat. Athletes must:

Further information here: Anti-doping

Please ensure you have met the relevant Athlete, Coach, Parent/Supporter Training mandatory requirements. 




There will be FIE Safeguarding Officers at the event and the FIE Safeguarding policy will be in place for all participants.

BF welfare policies and codes of conduct apply to athletes, coaches, parents and supporters associated with the GBR team.

There will also be mandatory training (which includes specific training on the FIE safeguarding policy) for all those selected and those that intend to accompany them. More details here: GBR Safeguarding Training

Social Media

Social Media

Athletes who are selected for major championships are encouraged to use the hashtag #GBRFencing on social posts.

Athletes, parents and coaches are encouraged to share their journey and experiences of major competitions. All social media content relating to this competition falls under the BF Code of Conduct. Please remember to ensure all images of fencing, including warming up and coaching, reflect best practices in regards to conduct and safety.

Further Information

Further Information

If you cannot find the information you need on this page please submit any questions to us via the form here and a member of the GBR Pathway team will come back to you.

Please note that we will not be able to reply to all emails personally but will update this page to answer the most common queries we receive.


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