Discretionary Selection

Unless the relevant selection policy states otherwise any application for a discretionary place must be done by completing and submitting a GBR Discretionary Selection Form.

Selectors will already have access to:

The responsibility to inform selectors of any additional performances or mitigating factors which would support the discretionary case lies with the athlete. It is not the role of independent Selectors or the ADP to construct cases to support individual athletes and therefore no assumptions should be made regarding existing or prior knowledge of factors to be taken into account.

Athletes must ensure that information contained within these forms are up to date at the time when the selection meeting occurs.

It is not expected that athletes complete multiple discretionary forms at the start of the season on the basis of ‘just in case’ they fall out-with the selection zone.  The only exception to this will be on medical grounds.

Athletes that are part of the GBR Athlete Development Programme must supply an up to date copy of their Athlete Profile or IADP (See here for announcement) as part of their discretionary application. Athletes that are not part of the programme are still expected to provide an up to date competition and training programme, and the expectation is that they will use the BF Template.

Unless stated otherwise, applications for discretionary selection must be received by midnight 2 weeks before any published selection date.  BF will confirm receipt by email and no form will be considered submitted unless that acknowledgement is received.



Do I need to put in a Discretionary Application if I have met qualification standards?

No you don’t.

In the case that more athletes qualify than qualification spaces available selectors will consider all athletes who achieved the standard, irrespective of whether they submit a form.

You should ensure that the ADP has an up to date copy of your Individual Athlete Development Plan (more information about these and how to send them in here). You can choose to submit a form nonetheless if you think there is additional information but it must be prior to the cut-off date.


If I have not met qualification standards and want to be considered should I complete a Discretionary Form?

Typically if you have a strong case for being considered for a discretionary place by the selectors your Weapon Lead will let you know and invite you/remind you to compete an application form.

In addition to that the selectors will always look at the performance data of those athletes that are very close to qualification standard (in cases where fewer athletes qualify than spaces available).

If you have not been invited to complete a form, you can still complete a form, but we would strongly encourage you to review your international performance data and the list of qualified athletes here (and their international performance data) with your personal coach to establish whether being selected is a realistic ambition – especially if you are expecting to displace a qualified athlete.

International performances against standards can be seen here: Cadet, Junior, U23, Senior


What kind of discretionary factors will the Selectors consider?

The discretionary process primarily exists to allow those athletes who were unexpectedly unable to compete/perform (e.g. due to injury/illness) to make a case for consideration.

The full list of discretionary factors in is published in the selection document. Those that are prioritised are often announced in advance (through news posts and the competition webpage) and these can vary from major to major depending on the individual competition and the weapon strategy.

Notwithstanding the long list, for major international events, selectors will  focus on international performance data (results and trajectory), not domestic performance.

If you have submitted any post competition athlete performance reflections throughout the season these will also be passed on for consideration.

Note: Domestic results are used to qualify for opportunities to compete internationally, they do not demonstrate readiness to compete at a Major event. Detailed cases about domestic performances at BRCs/Opens are not a good basis to argue for selection over an athlete with better international results.


What happens if there is a competition after this Discretionary deadline?

If your previous international performances and trajectory data show that you are on track to qualify AND something significantly unexpected happens at the last tournament – illness, injury – you can submit after the deadline. You should get in contact with the Weapon Lead if you are ill or injured, if they are not at the competition already. The selectors may wish you to provide a doctor’s certificate to show fitness to fence if the competition being selected for is imminent.


Will I get feedback if I am not selected?

If you have not achieved the qualification standard and all those selected have you will typically not be given feedback just after selection is announced is unless you ask for it, and there are the resources available at that time.

If all the athletes selected have stronger international performance data than you and you have not been selected you typically not be given feedback just after selection is announced is unless you ask for it, and there are the resources available at that time.

If you need help understanding performance data please in the first instance ask your personal coach.

Please note that once selection is announced there is a significant volume of administration for BF.

The right time to have a discussion if you are expecting selection despite failing to meet standards OR despite having a poorer international performance record than those also in contention is in advance of selection, with your personal coach and with the Weapon Lead.




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