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The following documents are provided to help you build on your existing training and challenge you to achieve your best.

It is expected that athletes wishing to represent GBR at Junior and Cadet level an have an active  Athlete Profile, within an Athlete Profile various component that build into an Individual Athlete Development Plan (IADP) and ultimately into a  Performance Plan, with this focus on those athletes at the T4 Breakthrough stage of the Pathway.

As an athlete joins the pathway, as a  minimum it is expected that the athletes:

  • Set goals in the short term
  • Create a plan for the season based on the short term goals
  • Based on Pathway Stage complete the Current Assessment Form/Athlete Assessment  to assess strengths and areas to develop
  • Based on these elements with their personal coach, complete the improvement plan, these areas of development that will accelerate the athletes development and hence performance.

Information in these profiles will be used in consideration of discretionary cases and also to support the selection of athletes being put forward for any external grant/funding.

Below are the various templates included in a Performance Plan/Athlete Profile:

Current Assessment Forms

Athlete Assessment Forms 

Performance and Improvement Forms 

Performance Plans

Guide to Completing an Individual Athlete Development Plan

To access the guide Click Here

Fight Analysis

The Fight Analysis document below is a simple spreadsheet allowing the fencer to capture their results after a competition. It should be used by fencers to review their competitions, recognise what has gone well and to identify where improvement can be made in their future performances. It also provides a guide in when to select more challenging competitions:

Personal Fight Analysis

Return to Training Protocols

The purpose of the return to training protocol below is to assess the fencer’s athletic readiness to return to fencing-specific training, and if required, to design a progressive training programme on their return to training:

Return to Training Protocols 



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