30/03/2019- SWS

Women’s Sabre – Tunis May 2019
1 ITZKOWITZ Aliya Camden – Accepted
2 CORBY Jessica Salle Ossian – Accepted
3 MAXWELL Caitlin Truro – Accepted
4 HAMPSON Sarah-Jane Salle Ossian – Accepted
5 RUAUX Emily Rivington – No Response
6 PLEASANT Bridget Camden – No Response
7 ANIL Shreya Camden – No Response
8 DAYKIN Kate Salle Ossian – Accepted
9.FAIRHEAD Helen Camden – No Response
10. DAVIS Alexandra Wrekin Sword – No Response
11. EINCHCOMB Danielle Camden – No Response
12. CHART Maria Truro – Declined

1 ITZKOWITZ Aliya Camden
2 CORBY Jessica Salle Ossian
3 MAXWELL Caitlin Truro

The final place for the team will be decided by Jon Salfield from the fencers below, after the individual competiion. Therefore if you would like to be included in the team please make arrangements to stay for the weekend.

HAMPSON Sarah-Jane Salle Ossian
PLEASANT Bridget Camden
DAYKIN Kate Salle Ossian
CHART Maria Truro

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