26/03/2021- Member

Get Your New, Digital BF Membership Card Today!

Following feedback and discussions with our community, we are pleased to announce that your BF membership now comes with a digital card. The card includes a scannable QR code so that your membership can be checked on the go.

Your card can be downloaded TODAY from the sport80 platform;

  1. Log into your account – bfsport80.com
  2. On your profile menu click ‘Memberships’ and then click ‘Current’ on the status bar
  3. On the pop up click ‘Resend Membership Email’ at the bottom
  4. Go to your inbox and the instructions of how to download your card onto your device are at the bottom of the email. You also receive a printable version, including the scannable QR code, so that you can pop it in your wallet.

Remember to keep your sport80 membership details up to date so that you don’t miss out on important updates!

For more member tasks like this search ‘Return to Fencing’ on any of our platforms.


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