23/05/2024- Medical


In response to recent queries, the Medical Committee has updated the Concussion Guidelines to include guidance on competing after an episode of concussion. 

The updated BF Concussion Guidelines are now published on the website here


Competing after an episode of concussion

Fencers should always follow the UK Concussion Guidelines for Non-Elite (Grassroots) Sport  April 2023 – see pages 17 and 19


Fencers should not return to competition until day 21 at the earliest, and then only if no symptoms at rest have been experienced from the recent concussion in the last 14 days and the fencer is now symptom-free during pre-competition training.

Competition organisers should not allow a previously concussed fencer to compete within at least the 20 day period specified, (day of concussion = day 0), or longer if any doubt or against medical advice, and should take the initiative to withdraw their entry if they have been made aware of the circumstances.


All fencers, referees, coaches, competition organisers and parents should be aware of what to do if concussion is suspected.

Remember: if in doubt, sit them out

Brains take priority over results!

The BF Medical Committee


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