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During the December ADP camp in Nottingham University, there will be an opportunity for aspirant L3 Epee & Foil coaches to undertake the BF Weapon Specific L4 Coaching course.

This course will be delivered over two days 28th and 29th December, 09.00-17.00 both days.

Coaches appearing on the BF Coaching register will have the course fees (usually upwards of £250) covered in full by BF. The only cost will be the certification fee of £25.

Refreshments (lunch) will be provided.

Attendees will need to arrange their travel and accommodation at their own cost.

There will be a limited number of places. To apply please complete the attached form below and add the supporting documentation. Deadline for applications is 22nd December.

Part 1  – Submission of application with supporting documentation

  • Why – personal coaching philosophy and your values
  • Medium to long term coaching goals
  • Subject title for a presentation on an aspect of a performance fencing at an international level.  The presentation (which you will prepare to present on day 1 of the course) should include an in-depth technical and tactical written analysis, with accompanying video clips as appropriate.

Part 2 – Submission of evidence of technical and tactical competence

  • Lesson plans on specific topics for a T3 pathway fencer
  • How – sample individual annual plans and sessions plan. (Possible club development/annual plans – how do you run a set of L1/2 coaches to create National Champions)

Course Content – Day 1

  • Group presentation on analysis paper
  • Practical Analysis of selected ADP fencers based on live sessions  OBSERVE
  • ADP Coach – GB Style (3 Ps)  ANALYSE/PLAN
  • Practical Lesson Delivery on one chosen aspect DELIVER
  • Feedback on lessons, output, impact on fencers, experience of fencer REFLECT
  • Activity whilst other lessons happening to design a group session to address that problem (footwork or S&C or directed sparring). To include teaching points. The why and how’s of the session.
  • 1-1 check-in with Coach Developer – identification on areas to work

Course Content – Day 2

  • Group feedback on analysis of the fencers
  • Practical Delivery – Planned (Predetermined GB Style ) – both hands, followed by group reflection
  • Practical Delivery – Reactive – different styles of athletes to give a warm-up lesson to, specific planned themed lesson which may need to be adapted in real time , followed by group Reflection
  • Group Feedback 1 minute break feedback
  • 1-1 with Coach Developer – identification on areas to work on, feedback on course.

Any questions please email Steve Kemp  

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