Coaching Standards

Fencing is a great activity for children and provides a number of benefits, not just in terms of physical activity. Taking part in fencing can help build self-esteem, confidence, and can help build social skills. Participation also can teach children the benefits of goal-setting and practice, which can support other areas of a child’s life. The impact can be accelerated by good coaching practice. It is the responsibility of the coach to understand and follow the relevant policies and procedures.

Child Protection Policy. Coaches should be aware of the child protection policy.  This should include:

  • When and how to report a concern, allegation, disclosure about poor practice or possible abuse.
  • Who to contact should a welfare incident arise.

Remember it is not the responsibility of a coach to decide if a child is being abused but to act on any concerns you may have.

Coaches Code of Conduct. Coaches should role models high standards of behaviour and the codes of conduct provide a good reference to some of those.

Health & Safety. All those running activity should be aware of, and follow, the appropriate health & safety policy. This should include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Participants consent forms (including details of emergency contacts, medical history and where necessary consent for photography and/or video to be taken).
  • How to respond to an incident or accident.
  • Who to contact should a health and safety concern arise.

The rights, dignity and worth of everyone should be respected and everyone should be treated equally within the context of their sport. Coaches should be aware of, and work within the relevant equity policy.

Where to get further information

Child Protection Policy

Coaches Codes of Conduct

 Health and Safety 

Safety Guidelines


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