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Why Fencing for young people

Fencing creates an excitement about learning – through fun, challenging games and activities. Pupils need to think about their next move, while executing the present one, therefore improving multi-tasking and mental stimulation

The benefits to young people

Due to the nature of the fencing, linear movement patterns, deception, it appeals to the gamer, creative, artistic child,

As it is not a conventional school sports, it works well amongst pupils who do not usually engage with sport.

Fencing games improve communication: pupils learn to recognise their own and their peers’ behavioural and communication styles

Courses for Teachers

The BF Coaching Framework recognises the need of the aspirant coach, the specific the need of the fencers, the principle of prior learning. This combination allows courses to be tailored to specific sectors, whilst maintaining the integrity of the course.

The Core Coach  for Teachers is one such course focused on using micro-coaching sessions as well as other coaching philosophies that will offer a more needs based and student led offer.

At the end of the course the candidates will be classed as a ‘Core Coach’ and as part of this new Coach development product the candidates will have the fundamentals to deliver basic metal, plastic and foam fencing experiences to their students.

They should be able to:

  • Manage a groups session for beginners
  • Deliver pre-prepared sessions using basic coach process skills
  • Correct basic fencing techniques
  • Understand the social environment of the sessions

In summary, Core Coach for Teachers:

  • Is an entry point for course as part of the coach development pathway
  • Provides coaches with the knowledge, skills and attributes to effectively coach young people pre planned sessions
  • Develops coaching skills and the technical & tactical aspects of defence and attack


  • 18 years of age
  • Must have a background in Teaching
  • Prior understanding of fencing or coaching experience in other sports would be beneficial


For more information - Core Coach

Equipment Offer

If you are a new customer to BF and Leon Paul then get in contact as we can offer plastic Midi Fence Kit for £500 (usual RRP is £612). Terms and conditions apply.  


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