Compete Membership

Updated 07.10.2021


For fencers competing in BF licensed fencing competitions, including all ranking events.



(3rd Party Liability & Personal Accident)

Personal accident (cover ceases at 75 and is limited for U16) & civil liability insurance cover (there is no age limit in respect of the Public/Civil Liability cover for members).

When fencing at any Club or School session, friendly inter Club or School matches held in Clubs or Schools, at demonstrations or public displays or similar promotional events, plus Regional/County/National training and competitive events

Covered to fence abroad.

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Membership Benefits

Fence at any C/S session, friendly inter C/S matches held in member C/S’s. Fence at Regional/County/National training and competitive events.
Gain BF Ranking points at ranking events and appear on associated BF Ranking lists.
Gain GB League points at GB League sessions and appear on associated GB League tables.
Insured to fence abroad
NB Valid compete membership is an eligibility criteria for all GBR selections.


Events included

Unlimited Category BF Licensed Competitions and Recreational Events.

Subject to age restrictions and any restrictions imposed by the event organiser. Please note the additional BF minimum age rules for senior, junior (U20) and cadet (U17) events.

Fencers must be at least 13 on the day of the event to compete in a junior or senior competition in the UK.

A fencer must be 11 on 1st January in order to compete in any Cadet event in that calendar year.


Maximum Renewal Availability

Unlimited renewals


The Sword


Entitlement to purchase hard copies.


Upgrade/Downgrade Options

No upgrade options available
Downgrade to Recreational


Voting Rights

18+ only: Notices of general meetings, right to vote at BF General Meetings and right to vote in ballots for election of BF Directors.



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Additional Notes

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Notices

If applying for an Under 14 or Under 20 memberships with BF, fencers must be under 14 or 20 on the date of application.

The standard Membership (whether Introduction/ Support/ Starter/ Recreational/ Compete) does not include liability insurance cover if you are operating in a professional capacity – e.g. coaching or refereeing for payment.

To benefit from this, you must be on the relevant BF register with your qualifications and minimum professional standards in place to be fully covered. There may be an additional charge in some cases for this registration. For more information please use the ‘Contact Us’ forms here.




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