GBR Referee Pathway Programme


The Referee Pathway Programme’s (RPP) main purpose is to identify GBR’s top-level domestic referees (L3) and support them to achieve international success as FIE referees. The goal is to create more GBR referees capable of refereeing internationally as a FIE referee at future Olympics and Senior World Championships.

The RPP supports these future FIE candidates through a provision of training, mentoring and experience to referee to the highest standards.

By investing in upskilling our top referees the intention is that this will help increase the standard of refereeing domestically within BF events with the aim to better support our current and future GBR fencers in their performance goals.


The RPP is responsible for allocating opportunities for BF international referees to gain the necessary training, international experience and qualifications.

As such those on the Pathway will be allocated opportunities to

  • officiate at EFC level tournaments (to gain EFC ‘C’ level qualifications)
  • officiate on the Junior World Cup circuit (FIE qualifications required)
  • CPD seminars and training days aimed at international level referees organised by BF
  • enter FIE exams

Joining the RPP

It is important to note that once qualified the FIE require a 10 year commitment to refereeing at this level, but enforce retirement the season after your 60th birthday. Referees who are within 10 years of this date are therefore very unlikely to be accepted onto this pathway.

BF runs an open application for those referees who wish to develop their refereeing abilities further.

There is an annual review of the Pathway program as part of the annual referee allocation process which takes into account the individual referees commitment to British Fencing run competitions and to their international progression towards the FIE qualification.

Please read the updated document, which can be found here – updated following 2017 Pathway Review

Please complete the application form and enclose a brief summary of your recent relevant refereeing experience.

Applications should be made via

Once accepted onto the pathway please complete and return the acceptance form to


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