Level 3 Referee Examiners


  • An examiner must hold a level 4, or FIE, refereeing license
  • An examiner must be active and refereeing at a level in accordance with their license
  • Active is to be defined as refereeing at least four events at the level of their license per year
  • An examiner must have attended the examiner’s seminar and will be listed in black once they have.
  • The Level 3 assessment process is to be conducted using two examiners from Category 1 or one from each category.
  • The ongoing Level 3 practical assessment process can be conducted by one examiner from Category 1, but the same examiner cannot repeat solo assessments, not be from the same club.
  • There must be one observational pass at a BF event with two observers per calendar year if the practical assessments take place over two years.

Category 1 Examiners (active FIE referees)- updated 20.10.2021

  • Luke Deamer (F)
  • Pat Jennings (S)
  • Sam McLellan (S)
  • Nick Payne (F &E)
  • Jennifer Sancroft (S)
  • Mike Selig (S)
  • Adrian Speakman (F,E & S)  (Chair of working Group)
  • Sarah Steacy (E)

To be appointed subject to attending an examiners seminar

  • Daniel Hazelwood (F, E)  to attend seminar

Category 2 Examiner (alphabetical order)

  • Paul Abrahams (F)
  • Pat Casey (E)
  • Lynne Melia (F&E)


To be appointed subject to attending an examiners seminar:

  • Chris Farren (E,S)
  • Mavis Thornton (F & E)
  • Mike Thornton (F,E & S)

Category 2 examiners with lapsed FIE referee qualifications can request to be re-assessed for suitability to act as a Category 1 examiner, however for any exam at least 1 examiner must have a current FIE referee qualification.




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