Referee Annual Allocation Factors & Rules

The annual Referee Allocation Process is conducted each spring once the international calendars have been finalised and the nominated selection competitions confirmed. BF Pathway Programme referees and active BF FIE/IWAS referees will be given priority.

All allocations will be made by the selectors using the published Selection Factors and Rules below:

Items marked with a * will be taken from the referee application form and it is therefore the responsibility of the referee to ensure that the form contains the correct and up-to-date information required. BF will provide supplementary information where possible. The order does not dictate priority; it will be the role of the allocators/selectors to take a balanced view.
An indication for each factor, for each selection is marked below (H – high, M – medium, L – low)



Factors  Cadets Juniors  Sats  Euro Champs
Current and potential* FIE exam candidates H H H N/A
International career to date * L M L H
History of support for BF competitions – inc all National Champs, BYCs, Eden Cup, Camden Int etc * M H L H
Pathway membership and pathway goals * M H M H
Desire to spread opportunities (particularly at EFC level), with the requirement to rapidly up-skill FIE referees to be future FIE list candidates. H M L L
Attendance at/Involvement in BF referee training sessions H H L M
Availability * H H H H
Cost (particularly where country of residence is other than GB) H H H L(N/A)
International Relations Strategy L M M H
Ability to act as an ambassador for BF (professional behaviours and appearance) M H L H
Ability to support athlete development M H L H
Balance of experience to support  referee pathway development H H L L
Referee Performance (EFC Observations) H M L L


Referee Allocation Categories and Rules

Allocating referees to nominated international competitions be it FIE or EFC level is primarily based on addressing referee pathway development needs, prioritising as follows, taking into account factors as published above.

Priority  FIE Allocation Rules  Pathway/Non-Pathway 
1 Grand Prix Referees at weapon 1 with stated priority Pathway
2 Aiming for Grand Prix Referees at weapon 1 with stated priority Pathway
3= Newly qualified FIE referees to get FIE experience/exposure (e.g. 2 Junior World Cups) Pathway
3= FIE Qualified Pathway Referees where that weapon is their stated priority weapon Pathway
4 Grand Prix Referees at weapon 2 Pathway
5= Pathway Associates Pathway
5= FIE Qualified Pathway Referees non priority weapon Pathway
5= FIE Qualified referees needing to meet minimum attendance standards (1 competition per weapon licence) to retain qualification Both
6 Non pathway referees & associates Non-Pathway


Priority EFC Allocation Rules  Pathway/Non-Pathway 
1 Current and potential* FIE exam candidates Pathway
2 Pathway Referees in their priority weapon. Pathway
3 Pathway Referees in their second weapon. Pathway
4 Pathway Mentors Pathway
5 Pathway Associates aiming for C Pathway
6 Other Both

* Potential to be put forward for next FIE exam

Currently we have a small pool of IWAS qualified referees available to referee at IWAS World Cups.  Allocation will follow similar principles in the unlikely event that more people wish to referee than there are available spaces. Once the number of qualified referees increases we will publish a set of IWAS allocation rules here.

Other Information Used:

• The published referee selection criteria and pathway categories

• The individual referee activity log held by British Fencing demonstrating support of BF run events

• The individual referee applications, conversations and planned CPD

• Engagement with the British Fencing Referee Pathway Programme and feedback discussions with the selection committee



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